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Computer Ethic

Computer room/laboratory rule & regulation

  • Students should not enter the lab unless granted access
  • Diskettes and flash drives should be scanned before use
  • All problems related to the system should be reported to the teacher
  • No student should attempt to repair a system with the laboratory equipment
  • Use all equipment and software in the lab responsibly
  • Arrange chairs and tables in a comfortable manner
  • Do not move any equipment and facility from its original position
  • Arrange the computers and their peripherals in an orderly manner
  • Do not change the setting in the computer system
  • Do not install or remove any software from any system
  • Save all work in an external storage device or the location specified by the teacher in the computer
  • Do not bring in bags, foods, and drinks into the laboratory
  • Shut down the computer properly and turn off other equipment after use
  • Turn off all power supplies before leaving the laboratory
  • Internet facilities are strictly for educational purposes only.
  • The computer lab should be kept clean always
  • All users of the computer lab should keep a record of a logbook.
  • There should be no illegal copying of any materials
  • Sound levels should be kept to the barest minimum
  • Lab user should maintain professional and courteous communication. Electronic device should be used on a professional level. No obnoxious or belligerent behaviour is tolerated.


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