JSS 1 Computer Studies/Information Technology (1st, 2nd & 3rd Term) Computer Studies/ICT/IT (All Classes)


Definition of Computer Room

Computer room is a room specially created for keeping computers and other peripheral devices. It is also called computer laboratory. In designing this room, the components of a computer room must be put into consideration.

Components of a Computer Room

  1. Computer system
  2. Furniture (computer tables and chairs)
  3. Electric surge protector
  4. Stabilizer
  5. Air conditioner or ceiling fan
  6. Printer
  7. Scanner
  8. Dust cover
  9. Printing paper
  10. Photocopy machine
  11. Fire extinguisher
  12. Multimedia speaker
  13. Curtain
  14. Uninterruptible power supply
  15. Web camera
  16. Projector
  17. Interactive white board


Definition of Computer Room Management Ethics

This refers to the basic rules and regulations governing the behavior of individuals while using computers in the laboratory. As a result of the delicate nature of the computer, it is very important to take good care of the computer to make it work properly. Always keep your computer in a dust-free room. Clean it regularly using a soft, dry cloth. Never touch the monitor or any part of the computer with dirty hands.

How to Take Care of Your Computer

  1. Always make sure that the computer is kept in a well-ventilated area
  2. Place the computer on a desk, not in a closed cabinet
  3. There should be appropriate lighting in the computer room to keep the room well lit up.
  4. The arrangement of the computer system should be done in a way that the user would not need to strain their neck, back or eyes.
  5. Cables should not be left to litter the ground so as to avoid accident
  6. Wipe desk or table tops, component casings and other exposed surface with a soft cloth or any recommended cleaning product intended for computer use
  7. Do not eat or drink anything near your computer
  8. Shutdown the machine properly before switching off the power outlet
  9. Unplug the system when it is not in use for long.
  10. The use of anti-glare is recommended when using computer, in order to protect the eyes.



  1. Define the following: (i) Computer room (ii) Computer room management ethics.
  2. Mention five (5) ways to take of your computer.
  3. Mention ten (10) components of a computer room.
  4. State FIVE (5) reasons why it is necessary to take good care of your computer.
  5. Name the parts of the computer that tend to get dusty easily. How can you take care of them?


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