Culture is a way of life of a people. It includes our dressing, greetings, traditional ceremonies and festivals, religion, foods, etc.


Types of Culture

There are two types of culture. They are: non-material culture and material culture.

  1. Non-material Culture: These are parts of our culture that cannot be seen but are accepted as our ways of life. They are religion, language, music, dancing, dressing, eating, etc.
  2. Material Culture: These are the things we use. They form parts of our art and industry


Things Culture does not Allow People to Do

Culture does not encourage people to:

  1. Steal
  2. Lie
  3. Cheat
  4. Be lazy
  5. Fight
  6. Be greedy


Some Shared Cultures

There are some parts or elements of, our culture that are common to some other cultures. These are called shared cultures because they are common to all cultures.

Examples are:

(i) Respect for elders

(ii) Religion

(iii) Food

(iv) Leadership (constituted authority)



  1. Identify a man and woman from your culture in the pictures.
  2. Mention five different ways of life that are common to people in all cultures.
  3. Mention five things people use every day.



  1. How do you greet your parents at home?
  2. Mention five things people should not do.
  3. Ask your mother to show you some material things that are parts of your culture at home.


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