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Category: Nursing Exam/Test (01)

A home care nurse makes a follow-up visit to a patient who recently suffered a cerebrovascular accident. The patient is mobile and able to perform activities of daily living. However, the patient has not been sleeping and has lost weight due to lack of appetite. The patient also feels overwhelmed with sadness. Which of the following is the most appropriate evaluation?

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Category: Nursing Exam/Test (01)

The nurse is caring for a client with a diagnosis of gout. Which laboratory value would the nurse expect to note in the client?

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Category: Nursing Exam/Test (01)

A male client with emphysema becomes restless and confused. What step should nurse Ekaette take next?

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Category: Nursing Exam/Test (01)

Situation: - Nurses hold a variety of roles when providing care to a perioperative patient.

Which of the following nursing intervention is done when examining the incision wound and changing the dressing?

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Category: Nursing Exam/Test (01)

Situation: - After abdominal surgery, the circulating and scrub nurses have critical responsibility about sponge and instrument count.

Which of the following are 2 interventions of surgical team when an instrument was confirmed missing?

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Category: Nursing Exam/Test (01)

A helping relationship is a process characterized by:

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Category: Nursing Exam/Test (01)

Nurse Peter should first discuss terminating the nurse-client relationship with a client during the:

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Category: Nursing Exam/Test (01)

Patient's refusal to divulge information is a limitation because it is beyond the control of the researcher. What type of research is appropriate for this study?

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Category: Nursing Exam/Test (01)

A student nurse is observing a neurological nurse perform an assessment. When the nurse asks the client to stick out his tongue, the nurse is assessing the function of which cranial nerve?

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Category: Nursing Exam/Test (01)

Situation: - David, A registered nurse, witnessed an old woman hit by a motorcycle while crossing a train railway. The old woman fell at the railway. David rushed at the scene.

The old woman complains of pain. David noticed that the knee is reddened, warm to touch and swollen. David interprets that this signs and symptoms are likely released to

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Category: Nursing Exam/Test (01)

Mrs. Hogan, a 50-year old woman, is admitted to your unit for cholecystectomy. During an acute myocardial infact (MI):

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Category: Nursing Exam/Test (01)

Situation: - Knowledge of the drug prophantheline bromide (Probanthine) is necessary in treatment of various disorders. 

Which of the following drugs are not compatible when taking probanthine?

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Category: Nursing Exam/Test (01)

Which of the following factors are affecting body temperature.

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Category: Nursing Exam/Test (01)

A nurse is assessing the blood pressure of a client diagnosed with primary hypertension. The nurse ensures accurate measurement by considering which of the following?

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Category: Nursing Exam/Test (01)

A client with clotting disorder has an order to continue Lovenox (enoxaparin) injections after discharge. The nurse should teach the client that Lovenox injections should:

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Category: Nursing Exam/Test (01)

The term "blue bloater" refers to which of the following conditions?

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Category: Nursing Exam/Test (01)

Situation: - There are other important basic knowledge in the performance of our task as Community Health Nurse in relation to IMMUNIZATION these include: Which of the following dose of tetanus toxoid is given to the mother to protect her infant from neonatal tetanus and likewise provide 10 years protection for the mother?

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Category: Nursing Exam/Test (01)

Situation: - John, age 27, who is caught in me raging conflict between his mother and his wife, complains of pains in his right leg that has progressed to the point of paralysis. After orthopedic consultation has shown no pathology, he is referred for a psychiatric consultation and is found to have a conversion disorder.

Which behaviour is Jon most likely to manifest?

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Category: Nursing Exam/Test (01)

For an infact with hydrocephalus, a nurse should plan to monitor for what sign of symptom of increased intracranial pressure?

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Category: Nursing Exam/Test (01)

Situation: - Survey and Statistics are important part of research that is necessary to explain the characteristics of the population.

According to the WHO statistic on the Homeless population around the world . Which of the following group of people in the world disproportionately represents the homeless population?


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