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The pronoun is a word used in place of a noun to avoid repetition and monotony in speech or writing.  In replacing the noun however, the pronoun must reflect gender and number of the noun.


Pronouns replace noun perfectly and perform the roles the nouns they replace and perform.

  1. PERSONAL PRONOUN: These refers to the person or thing that is involved in the action either as subject or object. The pronouns also have singular and plural forms while they also reflect the first person, second person and third person.

Singular                                                                plural


First person                       I, ME                                                      WE, US

Second person                  YOU                                                       YOU

Third person                      HE/SHE/IT                                           THEY

HIM/HER/IT                                        THEY

Example:             She scolded them

I kicked him

They surprise me with their conduct.

  1. POSSESSIVE PRONOUNS: These show possession or ownership of items. These pronouns also have two forms. One form functions as adjectives and are known as pronominal adjective while the other functions as pronouns and are known as such.


Pronoun                              adjective             pronoun / adjective

1st person            MINE                     MY                         OURS           OUR

2ND person          YUORS                  YOUR                    YOURS         YOUR

3RD person         HIS/HERS             HIS/HER/ITS       THEIRS


Example:             This pen is mine (pronoun ‘mine’ is subject complement)

This is my pen (adjective ‘my’ modifies the noun ‘pen’).

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