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SafetyClub as an Agent of Socialization

Structure and Process of Forming Road Safety Club in Schools

The Road Safety Club is an organ of the Federal Road Safety Commission in Nigeria. Road Safety Club is a voluntary organization just like Red Cross, Boys Scout, Literary and Debate Society etcin the schools. It can be established in the schools with the permission and authority of the Federal Road Safety Commission.


It is established with the purpose of teaching the younger generations the culture of road safety. It is a means of inculcating good road behaviours in the young ones. Road Safety Club organizes periodic lectures and meeting to create awareness and to teach road safety measures to their members.


Levels of Road Safety Club (RSC)

Road Safety Club exists in the NYSC as CDS, primary and secondary schools. They are also in higher institution of learning. Road Safety Club constitutes the third tier of the Road Safety Corps. The Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) uses the Road Safety Club as a “catch them young” strategy to promote road safety culture in Nigeria.
However, in order to drive home the safe road culture, the corps partnered with the NYSC to have road safety as one of the Community Development Service (CDS) during the one year service.


The Commission provides necessary materials for the Road Safety Clubs in schools. The Road Safety Clubs uniform in schools is white vest having the inscription of the club and black trouser/skirts with black beret with the inscription of “Road Safety Club” and logo.


The club goes round to create awareness on road safety tips. The clubs also try to train all members on road safety rules. Members are encouraged to be good road ambassadors of their schools and homes and anywhere they find themselves.


Roles of Road Safety Club in the Socialization of Youths

  1. To organize workshops, rallies, public enlightenment campaigns, seminars, quiz and debate competition and any other programme relevant to the promotion of road safety.
  2. To report road crash to the nearest FRSC office or any relevant body for assistance.
  3. To monitor and report back to the appropriate FRSC office the conditions of roads.
  4. To inculcate into the youths road safety culture as contained in the Highways Code and other relevant road safety books and journals, etc as approved by the FRSC.


Roles of Federal Road Safety Commission as an Agent of Socialization in Nigeria

FRSC in Nigeria was established in 1988.The FRSC is the lead agency in Nigeria on road safety administration and managements.


Functions of FRSC

  1. Designing and producing vehicle number plates.
  2. Standardization on highway traffic codes.
  3. Regulating the use of motorcycles of the highways and the use of seat belts and other safety devices.
  4. Educating motorists and members of the public on the importance of road discipline on the highways.
  5. Giving prompt attention and care to victims of accidents.



  1. Mention four roles of Federal Road Safety Commission in Nigeria.
  2. Mention two important roles of Road Safety Club in the School .




  1. Mention any two voluntary organisations that you know.
  2. Mention the Levels of Road Safety Club.
  3. Mention three roles of Road Safety Club in the socialization of youths.



Objective Questions

  • The reasons for safety include all but one of the following.A.The need to protect life

B.The need to protect property C.The need to reduce risk D.The need to defraud the masses.

  • Throwing of stones between children is an example of A. broken furniture B. electrical shock C. rough play D. sharp edged metals.
  • One of the following is not an accident due to carelessness.A.The use of candle

B.Snake bites C. Placing generator inside the house D. Placing drugs in the refrigerator

  • Man uses science and technology to create the following EXCEPT A. factories
  1. forests C. houses D. roads
  • The school is a place where ________ instruction takes place. A. basicB. common C. formal D. informal



  1. Mention four function of FRSC.
  2. Mention two important roles of Road Safety Club in the School


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