Social Studies (Primary Classes)


Similarities between men and women Men and women are created by God to perform certain tasks and duties on earth. However, in every society and culture, men and women have various roles to play, as determined by nature. Men and women are similar in the following ways: 1 They are both human beings. 2 They


Social Studies (Primary Classes)


Meaning of mechanized agriculture In the olden days, our people farmed with only cutlasses, sickles and hoes. They used small fishes as a bait to catch fishes in small rivers and lakes around them. The food they produced was, therefore, small and not enough to sell to other people.   This type of farming is


Social Studies (Primary Classes)


Meaning of natural and man-made disasters A disaster is a sad event that happens suddenly. People often lose their lives and property in disasters. A disaster can come from nature, or by accident. Natural disasters are caused by nature. They are not caused by man’s Carelessness. Examples of natural disasters are earthquakes, floods, tornadoes and


Social Studies (Primary Classes)


Pollution is a situation in which something is dangerously dirty and no longer safe for use. TYPES OF POLLUTION Air pollution Water pollution Land pollution Noise pollution   AIR AND LAND POLLUTION Air pollution is when the air is no longer pure for people to breathe. This can be due to smoke from vehicles and


Social Studies (Primary Classes)

Causes of drug abuse

When drugs are wrongly taken by a person, they are said to have been and can become harmful. Drugs must only be taken under proper guidance and advice; otherwise, they can be abused. Someone who cannot do without a particular drug is called a drug addict such a person is said to be into drug

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Social Studies (Primary Classes)


Child development refers to the changes that take place in human beings between birth and the end of adolescence. The major stages of child development Infancy The child is between one month and about two years. Early childhoods: The child is between two and six years. Childhood proper: The child has started school. This stage


Social Studies (Primary Classes)


People live in different types of houses. The following are some of them. The mud house: This has mud walls and a mud roof. The roof is usually flat. The entrance to the house is usually small. It is the traditional type of house in the northern part of Nigeria, where rainfall is not much.


Social Studies (Primary Classes)


Religion is what people believe and worship. It is a belief about the existence of God and human behaviour. There are three main religions in Nigeria. These are: Christianity, Islam and Traditional Religion.   Names we call God in Nigeria Ethnics groups Names the people call God (i) Yoruba – Olodumare (ii) Hausa – Ubangi

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Social Studies (Primary Classes)


Culture is a way of life of a people. It includes our dressing, greetings, traditional ceremonies and festivals, religion, foods, etc.   Types of Culture There are two types of culture. They are: non-material culture and material culture. Non-material Culture: These are parts of our culture that cannot be seen but are accepted as our

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Social Studies (Primary Classes)

Types of Family

There are two types of family. These are: (i) Nuclear family (ii) Extended Family   Nuclear Family A nuclear family consists of father, mother and their children   Extended Family Members of an extended family are: (i) Grandfather (ii) Grandmother (iii) Father (iv) Mother (v) Brothers (vi)  Sisters (vii) The brothers of our father and

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Social Studies (Primary Classes)


Concept of a Family A family consists of father, mother and children. Members of a Typical Family Father He is the head of the family. He provides for the family Mother She is the wife to the father. She takes care of the children at home. Children The male and female children are members of

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National symbol as a national identify

Meaning of national symbols National symbols are things which represent å country. The symbols usually have certain characteristics which are recognized as representing something of importance in the country. Symbols can be people, leaders or public property. Nigerian national symbols Nigeria has å number of symbols through which people can easily identify Nigeria, Nigerians and

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Social Studies (Primary Classes)


Meaning of citizenship The citizens feel special about their nation. They enjoy certain rights and are expected to do certain things for their country the state of being a member of a particular country and having rights because of it:   Citizenship as means of national identify Citizenship is the status of a person recognized

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Social Studies (Primary Classes)

National Anthem

NATIONAL ANTHEM AS A NATIONAL IDENTIFY What Is a National Anthem? A national anthem is a patriotic song or musical composition that is either recognized officially by a nation’s government and constitution or is accepted as such by convention through popular use. The national anthem reflects the history, struggles, and traditions of a nation and

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Social Studies (Primary Classes)

National Identity

Meaning of National Identity National identity is a person’s identity or sense of belonging to one state or to one nation. It is the sense of “a nation as a cohesive whole, as represented by distinctive traditions, culture, and language.” National identity may refer to the subjective feeling one share with a group of people

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Social Studies (Primary Classes)

Agricultural Technology

Meaning of technology This is cultivation of land and rearing of animals and birds. While technology is a science applied to practical. We have two ways of land cultivation. Traditional ways And modern ways Traditional ways of land cultivation, fish farming and keeping of animals and birds. In this way of farming most people use

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Social Studies (Primary Classes)


Meaning of pollution Pollution is anything that makes our water, land, air and environment dirty and unsafe for human use. For example, a heap of rubbish is a type of pollution. A dead animal lying on the road causes pollution. Polythene bags, orange peels and remnants of food items pollute the surroundings. Types of pollution

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