JSS 1 C.R.K (1st, 2nd & 3rd Term) CRS/CRK/CRE (All Classes)



Man was created in the image of God after His likeness. Man is thus referred to as “the pyramid of creation”. He is the crown of creation. God gave man power to subdue and have dominion over every created thing. He is equally given the power to be fruitful and multiply.


The special consideration given to man at creation is dignity. When man was created on the sixth day, God felt that man should not be alone and this made God to create a helper for him. “Then the Lord God said, it is not good for the man to be alone, I will make him a helper suitable for him” (Gen 2: 18).


The dignity of man in God’s creation rises every day, the Ten Commandments given to man attest to this. In the fourth commandment, man was asked to remember the Sabbath and keep it Holy. Man has been able to rise in dignity through this.


We go to church on Sabbath and many of us become priests, thereby placing us in the higher position to worship and magnify the work of God. And the priesthood of man started in the garden of Eden which is the garden of God.


We marry today. It is a charge from God and we are elevated in this. When a helper was created for the first man , the man was so overwhelmed that he said “This is now the bone of my bones, and flesh  of my flesh, she shall be called woman, because she was taken out of man. For this cause, a man shall leave his father and his mother and shall cleave to his wife and they shall become one flesh”. (Gen 2: 23-24).


The image of God is shown in terms of human intelligence, creativity, love and care for others. Man is able to reason and distinguish between bad and good in creativity because man can design and mould image like him and many other things that are good for decoration. The love man has for one another emanated from God and we take care of ourselves as God takes care of us from the beginning.


For man to thank God because he realizes that God put him in position of dignity, he offers sacrifices like that of Cain, Abel and Abraham. Even now, man tends to give thanks to God for his mercy.



  1. What authority was conferred on man after creation?
  2. What do we mean by dignity?



  1. What authority was conferred on man after creation?
  2. What do we mean by “dignity”?
  3. Did God create human being in His own image? If yes, explain.
  4. Mention 3 reasons why human is created.



  1. Christian Religious Education for JSS Bk 1 Adeyinka et al., Chapter 1 Pages 6-9
  2. Modern Biology – Read on Darwin Evolution Theory of Man.



  1. Man was created in the ____ of God (a) picture (B) height (c) image
  2. _____ is the crown of creation (a) Lion (b) Elephant (c) Man
  3. Adam called Eve ‘woman’ because (a) Eve was very obedient (b) Eve was taken from the dust (c)Eve was take from his ribs
  4. The image of God is shown in terms of human ____ (a) creativity (b) intelligence (c) death



  1. How is man a special creation of God?
  2. What is dignity? Show how Adam and Eve were dignified by God

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