A mouse is a hand-held input device that controls the movement of the cursor or pointer on the screen of the monitor. Mouse has at least two buttons and sometimes newer mice also include a scroll wheel for scrolling through long document.

The button on the left is called the primary mouse button, the button on the right is called the secondary mouse button. They are also called left and right mouse buttons respectively.

Types of Mice

  • Mechanical Mouse: This mouse has a rubber or metal ball on its underside that can roll in all direction. It is also called ball mouse.
  • Optical Mouse: This mouse uses a laser to detect the mouse movement. It does not have ball under it.
  • Cordless or wireless mouse: This type of mouse is not physically connected to the system unit instead they rely on infrared or radio waves to communicate with the computer.
  • USB Mouse: This mouse is connected to USB port.
  • Serial Mouse: This is connected directly to serial port or PS/2 port or RS-232C serial port.
  • Opto-mechanical: This type of mouse has ball at the underside and still uses optical sensors to detect motion of the ball.

Mouse Techniques:

  • Clicking: This is pressing and releasing the left mouse button once.
  • Right clicking: Pressing and releasing the right mouse button once.
  • Double click: Pressing and releasing the left mouse button twice in rapid succession.
  • Dragging: Pressing the left mouse and holding it down, then moving the mouse pointer to another location, releasing the mouse.
  • Pointing: This refers to moving the mouse to position the mouse pointer over an item on the desktop.

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