SS 1 Agricultural Science (1st, 2nd & 3rd Term) Agricultural Science (All Classes)


Science and Technology has played significant roles in the development of agriculture in Nigeria and many other countries of the world. These roles include

  1. Modern farm machinery: – The development of modern farm implement such as tractor, plough, planter, harvester, sheller to replace old simple tools such As hoe and cutlass has been made possible by science and technology. This has greatly increase productivity (commercial farming) and farm work becomes easier, faster and attractive.
  2. Agro-climatology: – Science has been able to explain the ideal climatic conditions for plants and animals. Farmers are equally helped to understand the weather and climate of their area and are able to determine the type of crops to grow and animals to rear.
  3. Pests and disease control: – Chemicals inform of pesticides, fungicides, nematicides, fumigants has been developed by science and technology to combat the problems caused by pests and disease.
  4. Crops and animals improvement: – Through genetics and breeding, improved crop varieties and animal breeds which possess desirable qualities such as disease resistance, fast growth, early maturity, high yield has been developed.
  5. Soil fertility: – The development and application of organic manure and inorganic fertilizers by science and technology has been able to solve the problem of soil infertility and also increase crop yield. Farmers can also test the soil; determine the nutrient deficiencies and the type of crop to plant on a farm land.
  6. Animal health management: – Feeds are formulated to meet the nutritional needs of farm animals, other factors such as ventilation, sanitation, immunization and medication has been put in place by science and technology to ensure good health and productivity of farm animals.
  7. Storage and processing facilities: – In order to preserve excess farm produce and to avoid wastage, modern storage facilities such as silos, cold rooms and processing facilities such as millers, shellers has been developed by science and technology.
  8. Transportation network: – Science and technology has been able to develop roads, railways and water ways linking food producing areas to urban centres.
  9. Soil and water conservation: – Through irrigation, drainage and erosion control, the soil is preserved from losing its fertility and water is made available at optimum level required for plant growth.
  10. Land surveying: – Surveying equipmentis made available by science and technology and with these equipment, the physical feature and size of a farmland can be determined. This help to determine the suitability of a farm location for various uses and input requirement of a given farmland.
  11. Agricultural system: – Improved farm management system such as crop rotation, mixed farming, rotational grazing has been put in place by science and technology to maintain soil fertility, increase yield and maximize land use.



  1. State ten roles of Science and Technology in Agricultural Development
  2. Discuss ways through which Science and Technology has contributed to the development of Agriculture in Nigeria.



  1. What is technology?
  2. Describe how science and technology has been able to bring about crop and animal improvement
  3. Outline five improved farm management system
  4. List five modern storage facilities
  5. What is the importance of agro-climatology to farmers?



  1. The following are improved system of agriculture except A. crop rotation B. bush fallowing C. mixed farming D. rotational grazing
  2. The aspect of science and technology that aids the development of  new crop varieties and breeds of animals is known as A. Genetic engineering B. Reproduction engineering C. Animal health D. Breeding engineering
  3. Land surveying in agriculture helps the farmer to determine the following except A. the size of a farm land B. physical relief of the farm land C. labour requirement D. fertility of the soil
  4. Which of these is not a method of conserving soil and water in agriculture? A. irrigation B. erosion control C. land surveying D. drainage
  5. Which of these is not an advantage of modern storage and processing facilities? avoid wastage B. scarcity of agricultural produce C. convert agricultural produce to desired form D. make produce available throughout the year


  1. Outline five roles of Science and Technology in Agriculture
  2. State five importance of agro-climatology to farmers


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