SS 2 English Language (1st, 2nd & 3rd Term) English Language (All Classes)


Summary writing is concerned with producing a bridge versions of a given test or passage so that all the salient issues are brought out. It involves a critical analysis of a given text to determine the purpose of a writer and using that as a point of departure to form an opinion on the subject within the prevailing socio-cultural circumstances.

For SSCE candidate, summary questions require the candidate to express ideas in one or two sentences depending in the question.

Steps to summary writing

Certain skills are required for a successful summary writing exercise!

  1. Good vocabulary development is essential in carrying out the task.
  2. Write in sentence: summary answers should be written in sentences. When the student writes a preamble (a kind of introduction to his sentence) to his answers, the preamble must flow into the sentences.
  • Short and concise answers: summary answers should be short and concise. Avoid inclusion of irrelevant testraneous materials in every scoring answer. Limit your answers only to inform available in the passage.
  1. Use your own words: in wrting down your answers make us of your own words and expressions as much as possible. You are not expected to engage in mindless lifting of words and expressions from the passage.
  2. Use good grammar: summary answers should be written down in good grammar and expression. Make sure that your answers are devoid grammatical and expression errors.


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