Nominalization is an academic grammar tool which is used to turn verbs and adjectives into nouns. Example: Exercising is essential for good health in this example, we have turned the verb “exercise” into a noun so that it can serve as the subject of the sentence.

Nominalization function just like nouns: as subjects and objects of verbs and preposition. Also, in linguistics, nominalization or nominalisation is the use of a word which is not a noun (e.g. a verb, an adjective or an adverb) as a noun or as the head of a noun phrase, with or without morphological transformation. The term can also refer specially to the process  of  producing  a noun from another part of speech.

How Nominalization are formed:

Example: The Fiber in apples helps with digestion.

Nominalizations are formed by adding a suffix to the original verb or adjective.

A suffix is a meaningful segment that is added into the end of a word. Unlike prefixes, suffixes can change the part of speech of a word.

Example: The suffix – tion changes the verb digest into a noun: digestion.

More examples are:

ance / ence                        (permanent – permanence)

ing                                          (eat – eating)

ness                                       (healthy – healthiness)

ment                                     (enjoy – enjoyment)

tion                                        (assimilate – assimilation)


Formation of verbs from Adjectives

Adjective                                                                                             Verb

Able                                                                                                       Enable

Abundant                                                                                            Abound

Wide                                                                                                     Widen

Specific                                                                                 Specify

Rich                                                                                                        Enrich

Solid                                                                                                      Consolidation

Popular                                                                                                Popularize

Just                                                                                                        Justify

Flat                                                                                                         Flatten

Pure                                                                                                      Purify

Different                                                                                             Differentiate

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Base                                                                                                      Debase

Civil                                                                                                        Civilize

Dark                                                                                                       Darken

Equal                                                                                                     Equalize


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