The Role of Citizen in Constitutional Developments

1. Citizens vote to elect their representatives to the National Assembly and House of Representatives, they are the major pillars in sponsoring bills to amend any section of the constitution.

2. Sending memorandum to the National Assembly and House of Representatives on the portion that needs to be reviewed. This memorandum will serve as part of the citizen’s contribution at all levels and to give wider consultation in amending the constitution of a country.

3. Organizing and attending public hearing about the portion that needs to be amended.  The legislative arm of government in their own capacity have right to invite the members of the public such as political parties, trade unions, students, past leaders etc to attend a public hearing on the need to amend the constitution of a country; and during  the process they can contributes their own quota towards achieving these aims and objectives.

4. Nomination as candidates either by the government or by their various parties at their constituencies to participate in drafting or amending the existing constitution of a country.

5. The independence and determination of Judiciary to interprete the constitution of a country. The Judiciary may advise the legislature on the section that need to be re-drafted in a constitution.

6. Mass rallies, propaganda, peaceful demonstration on constitution of a country by the citizens.


  1. The three arms of government : The Executives, Legislative and the Judiciary.
  2. Political parties
  3. Electoral commission.
  4. NGO’s
  5. Trade unions
  6. Civil societies
  7. Army forces
  8. Students and ethnic society

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