National Security

National security could mean any defence plan by a nation which is good enough to successfully resist hostile or destructive action inside or outside a country.


  1. Vigilance involves being conscious of the happenings within the environment. Vigilance helps in curbing the activities of vandals of government property e.g Transformers, Workers pioes, oil and gas pipelines e.t.c.
  2. Supply of useful information to security agents: Citizens should report to the police or other security agent anybody they feel is a threat to the security of life and property. Thereby curbing activities of the criminals.
  3. Remaining law abiding: Obedience to laws of the society helps in preventing anarchy, violence and riots in the country.
  4. Displaying patriotism: Patriotism means having love for ones fatherland. Therefore a patriotic and dedicated Nigerian will work for the good and peace of the country.
  5. Readiness to join the armed forces: Whenever the need arises for a citizen to join the army to fight against the nation’s enemy, he or she should be willing to do so.

National Security Agencies the Military

The Military in Nigeria consists of the armed forces, Navy the sea branch and the air force the air branch. The three are normally referred to as the Nigerian armed forces.


  1. Defending Nigeria from external aggression: The Nigerian armed forces are expected to resist any attempt by any nation to fight Nigeria through Land, air or sea
  2. Maintaining Nigeria territorial integrity and secure its border the Nigerian army, Nigerian navy and Nigerian air force ensure no nation illegally enter Nigerian territory through land, sea or air respectively.
  3. Suppressing Insurrection: The military could be called upon by the president to intervene in restoring Civil Authorities e.g. the curtailing of the activities of the Boko-Haram insurgence in the north- eastern Nigeria of Maiduguri, yobe and adamawa states.


The primary role of the Nigeria police is to protect lives and property in partnership with the community.

The role of police in national security

  1. They protect lives and properly.
  2. It assists in detecting and apprehending suspected criminals.
  3. It helps in maintaining law and order in the society.
  4. It assists in settling minor disputes that could that could lead to breakdown of law and order.
  5. It investigates criminal cases and prosecutes suspected criminal in court..


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