State Security Service

The sss in the federal government law enforcement agency in Nigeria it helps in internal policing.


  1. Defending and protecting the federal government against domestic threats.
  2. Upholding and enforcing criminal laws in Nigeria.
  3. Providing leadership and criminal justice services to both federal and state law – enforcement agencies.
  4. Protection of president, vice- president, top government officials and their families.

Nigeria immigration service (NIS) was formally carved out from Nigeria police in 1958.


  1. Control of aliens
  2. Issuance of Nigeria passport
  3. Issuance of resident permit to foreigners

The national drug law enforcement agency NDLEA was established by decree 48 of 2000.


  1. The co- ordination of all drug laws and enforcement of functions conferred on any person or authority.
  2. Adoption of measures to eradicate illicit cultivation of narcotic plants and to eliminate illicit demand for narcotic drugs and psychotropic substance.
  3. Adoption of measures which shall include co-ordinate preventive and repressive action; introduction and maintenance of investigation and control techniques.
  4. Adoption of measures to increase the effect of eradication efforts.
  5. Enhancing the effective enforcement of law to suppress illicit traffic in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.

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