WOW!! 12 Well-Known Former Child Stars and Their Spouses Now.

Recently, we’ve witnessed a clear resurgence of all things related to the 2000s or Y2K era, spanning from music to fashion. Collective nostalgia permeates, even among those who didn’t experience this period firsthand. There are myriad reasons driving this trend, including the desire for a sense of belonging. Concurrently, time marches on, with the individuals who were children in the 2000s now transitioning into adulthood, embracing marriage and parenthood.

1. Britney Spears

Child Stars and Their Spouses 1

Britney Spears showcased her vocal prowess at the age of 10 in a Star Search competition back in 1992. Her breakthrough hit, “…Baby One More Time,” soared to popularity in 1998, when she was 17. Despite facing various career challenges over the years, Spears has recently reclaimed agency over her life, culminating in her marriage to actor and fitness trainer Sam Asghari in June 2022.



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