Conjugaison an passé compose

Parler                                                                                                                                    Chanter

J’ai parle                                                                                                                              J’ai chante

Tu as parle                                                                                                                          Tu as chante

Il a parle                                                                                                                               Il a chante

Elle a parle                                                                                                                          Elle a chante

Nous avons parle                                                                                                             Nous avons chante

Vous avez parle                                                                                                                Vous avez chante

Ils ont parle                                                                                                                      Ils ont chante

Elles ont parle                                                                                                                 Elles ont chante



LIRE                        To read                                                                                 DIRE                       To say

J’ai Lu                                                                                                                                    J’ai dit

Tu as Lu                                                                                                                                Tu as dit

Il a lu                                                                                                                                      Il a dit

Elle a lu                                                                                                                                 Elle a dit

Nous avons lu                                                                                                                     Nous avons dit

Vous avez lu                                                                                                                       Vous avez dit

Ils ont lu                                                                                                                               Ils ont dit

Elles ont lu                                                                                                                          Elles ont dit






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