SS 1 Literature in English (1st, 2nd & 3rd term) Literature In English (All Classes)


  1. Plot:The plot usually refers to the sequence of events and happening that make up a story. There is usually a pattern, unintended or intentional, that threads the plot together. The plot basically refers to the main outcome and order of story. There is another view of plot in literature as well; it refers to the conflict or clash occurring as a part of the story. The conflict usually follows 3 regular formats which are:
  2. Characters in conflict with one another
  3. Characters in conflict with their surroundings
  4. Characters in conflict with themselves
  5. Setting:This is an element of prose narrative. The word “setting” is used to identify and establish the time, place, and mood of the events of the story. It basically helps in establishing where and when and under what circumstances the story is taking place.

Example:In the first installment of the Harry Potter series, a large part of the book takes place at the protagonist, Harry’s aunt’s and uncles’s place, living in the “muggle” (non-magical) wor with the “muggle” folks, and Harry is unaware of his magical capabilities and blood.

  1. Narrative Technique:In narrative technique we consider the point of view. The point of view is a literary device that depicts the manner in which a story is narrated or depicted and who it is that tells the story. The point of view determines the angle and perception of the story unfolding, and thus influence the tone in which the story takes place. The point of view is instrumental in manipulating the reader’s understanding of the narrative. In a way, the points of view can allow or withholdthe reader access into the greater reaches of the story.
  2. First person narrative point of view:Here the story is told by the narrator from his or her standpoint.
  3. Third person narrative essay of view:Here the narrator does not figure in the events of the story and tells the story by retaining to all characters and places in the third person with third person pronouns and proper nouns.


Class Work

  1. Write a short note on the following element of prose using your own understanding
  2. Plot
  3. Setting
  4. Narrative technique


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