Introduction to Literature

Literature is the art of composition in prose and verse literature mirrors life and the society. There are three (3) genres of literature which are:


The purpose of Literature

  1. Literature seeks to correct the vice in the society
  2. Literature preserves the culture and tradition of the individual and society.
  3. Literature seeks to develop the human mind.


Function of literature

  1. It entertains and informs us
  2. It educates our mind to know about other people’s culture and tradition.
  3. It helps in development and enlightenment
  4. It give us a unique identity
  5. It makes the economy to grow and develop.
  6. It enriches our minds.
  7. It helps in making us creative and inventive with words.

Types of literature

  • Oral literature: this is a type of literature that has been handed down by word of mouth-they are now documented and modified for better understanding
  • Historic literature: this is a type of literature that deals with the origins and culture of a people or race at a particular point in time
  • Dance drama: this is when a play is acted out with musical lyrics for discernment and entertainment of the watching and listening audience
  • Mime: this is acting without speech. it is a type of play.



Answer the following questions

  • Define Literature
  • Explain the three branches or genes of literature that me here.



Student can  now give example of the types of literature that we have.


Define the following in your own words

  • Mime (III) Oral Literature
  • Dance Drama (iv) Historic Literature.


Moral Objectives

Students should able to appreciate   their creative minds with words because God has blessed man with this gift and talent that he uses to express himself in prose, drama and poetry.


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