Making Sentence with the Present Tense and Past Tense

We can make sentence with the present tense and we must understand the fact that the present tense is used to express habits.  For examples:

  1. She goes to the market every day
  2. Dr. Audu usually gets to the hospital at 9o’clock
  3. We play football in Saturday mornings.

On the other hand the past tense is used to take and write about actions, events and states before the present time.  Usually formed by adding –ed to the initiative:  e.g. Look – looked, listen – listened e.t.c.

  1. My grandfather died last year
  2. He lived in Canada in 1991
  3. You called Lanre


  1. Make 3 sentences in the present tense
  2. Make 3 sentences in the past tense

ASSIGNMENT:  In your own words, explain the following:

  1. The present tense
  2. The past tense

Reading for man ideas and supporting ideas

Road traffic accident have been responsible for the loss of many human lives nad the destruction of valuable properties in our country.  A day hardly passes without a report of accidents on our roads.  The major cause of these accidents is the carelessness of man.  If certain measures are taken there is no doubt that road traffic accident will be reduced greatly.  There is therefore the need to know some things about road safety and to keep to the rules and regulations of the road.  This will keep our roads side.  (continues from the text on page 88)

EVALUATION:  Explain the meaning of the words or expression (you may use your dictionary)

  1. Go behind the wheels
  2. Subjected to
  3. Under the influence of alcohol
  4. Ply
  5. Roadworthy
  6. Faulty

ASSIGNMENT:  Answer questions 1-6 from page 89 (of NOSEC).

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