Child Labour and Trafficking

Child labour – is when one subject a child to in human task.  The following are words that are associated with child labour:

  1. Sweat shop
  2. Slave labour
  3. Forced
  4. In humane
  5. Salt mines
  6. Work house
  7. Nine
  8. Underpaid

Trafficking is a (crime).  Dealing illegally e.g. traffic drugs, goods or humans e.t.c

These are words that are associated with trafficking – (1) Abduction  (2) Brutality  (3) Captive  (4) Dehumanize  (5) Exploit  (6) Falsehood  (7) Goon  (8) Injustice  (9) Loathing  (10) Kidnap

EVALUATION:  From your NOSEC (J.S.1) flip over to page 104 and answer questions 1-5 (Comprehension passage)


Give t he meaning of the following words and use them in sentences

  1. Dehumanize
  2. Loathing
  3. Injustice
  4. Under paid

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