ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY | Road Transportation is safer than Air Transportation

Good after, Mr Chairman, a panel of judges, an accurate time-keeper and my co-debaters.  I am here to support the motion which states that road transportation is safer than air transportation.  These are many valid points:

First, you don’t have to take off your shoes and belt to enter a car or bus.  If you ask me to give you a lift, i won’t conduct a suspicious body search.  No need to empty your coin purse or take out your laptop computer.  In short, you will be treated with utmost respect and dignity.

Secondly, there are no delays or waiting in lounges in my car.  Once you slam the door shut, we’re ready to roll.  Our departure is not dependent on other people’s schedules in the goods of American car journalist David E. Davis Jr….”We drive our cars because they make us free.  With cars, we need not wait in airline terminals…..

In my car, you get to pick what to eat.  Okay, not that i always allow eating inside my car.  But in the rare time i do, there’s a multitude of drive-thru choices you can ask me to go to.  You don’t have to settle for bland sweat-and-sour pork topped on undercooked rice.

Finally, turbulence doesn’t exist in my car.  Sure, the car is going to be unsettled now and then by the ignoramus potholes on EDSA, but you know there’s no danger of the vehicle plummeting down due to a strong headwind or an air pocket.

With all these valid points of mine, i hope i have been able to convince you that road travel is better and safer than air travel.

EVALUATION:  You are the client speaker in a debate (competition) write out your argument for or against the proposition, democracy is better than the military rule (200 words).

ASSIGNMENT:  What is the difference between an argument and a debate?

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