Drama | Identification of the Sentences of Drama

Drama is a literacy genre or work, that is meant to be performed on stage by characters.  Long stories, which we call novely are divided into chapters. Plays are divided into acts and each act is usually divided into scenes.  In every scene, there are two kinds of writings:  (i) state directions, which tells us what the characters (= the people in the play). Do (I)  speeches, which give us the actual words that say. –Before you act the scene in front of an audience, you must rehearse (i.e. practise) several rehearsals to make sure that every actor moves and speak as well as possible.

EVALUATION: (NOSEC page 181 – 183) – This is a scene from the play “kurunmi” by Ma Rotimi which is based on events in 1858 which led to the war between Ibadan and Ijaiye…. (Act it out in class).

ASSIGNMENT:  Explain the following terms:

(i) Enter  (ii) Exit  (iii) Audience  (iv) Part  (v) Act  (vi) Direct  (Vii) Actors/Actres

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