Essay-Meaning and Definition

What is an essay? An essay is a written composition of moderate length explaining   a particular issue or subject matter. In writing an essay, we must consider the following types of essays which are  : (a) Narrative essay (b) Descriptive essay (c) Argumentative essay (d) Expository essay

Table of Contents

  • Narrative Essay: this is a type of essay that you are made to tell a story. Especially, it is intended to share an experience of the past. Such experience can be personal, or mutual or it may have happened to a loved one and lessons are learnt from such.
  • Descriptive essay: this is when you say or write about what somebody or something is like-that is describing something or someone.
  • Argumentative essay this is a type of essay in which you write out your reason to show that your position or view about a subject matter is correct.
  • Expository essay: this is a type of essay in which you are asked to explain or define a process. E.g. How to prepare favourite meal.


Answer only one out of the following

  1. Narrative essay-my last holiday (how I spent my last holiday).
  2. (Descriptive essay)-my school my best subject teacher.



Students have succeeded in identifying the unique differences that are evidence   in all these essay types.



Explain the following types of essay in your own words

  • Narrative essay
  • Argumentative essay
  • Descriptive essay
  • Expository essay.

Moral objective

The oldest and sacred book was written by the Spirit of God and we must appreciate this creative intelligence of our maker in ensuring that our knowing Him through His Word is perfected in Jesus the Written and The Living Word.


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