COMPOSITION: elements of composition: pre-writing, writing, edition, body and conclusion.

  1. Pre – writing (Introduction): An essay should introduction. Introduction helps to provide enough information for the proper understanding of the body or middle of the essay. An introduction should show what essay is about.
  2. The body of the essay: take note of the following points.
  3. Write clear and simple English and try to avoid pompous language.
  4. Write down the main points and arrange them in order
  5. Mind your tenses
  6. Pay attention to spellings and punctuations
  7. Try to develop paragraph around your main points

Coherence: coherence meant consistence or sticking together of ideas, speech, etc.

  1. Conclusion: the essay should have conclusion. The conclusion should draw together the idea and its relationship with the major points. It should be brief and logical.

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