JSS 1 English Language (1st, 2nd & 3rd Term) English Language (All Classes)


Elements of Composition

Elements of composition are the features or characteristics that make up the composition; they are divided into 3 parts which are: (i) The introduction (ii) The body (iii) The conclusion

  • Introduction: is the opening paragraph or the beginning of your composition
  • Body: Is the content of your essay. The content will contain what you are writing about
  • Conclusion: Is the last paragraph or closing paragraph of your essay or composition

What is a paragraph? A paragraph is made up of two or more stretches of sentences. While a sentence expresses a complete thought and it must start with a capital letter and ends with a full stop

For example: I had a wonderful time during my last holiday (Sentence)

I had a wonderful time during , my last holiday because my parents travelled. This gave me the opportunity to visit my old friends and relatives they were glad to see me because they really enjoyed my coming (Paragraph)

Outlining the points or the topic


How I Spent My Last Holiday

This is a good example of a narrative essay because it is a recount. One must outline his or her point with the use of past tense and past perfect tense of verb.


Write an essay on how you spent your last holiday (200 words).


Students are now confident to write out their personal interests and they can express their thoughts



Write an essay on “my school” (200 words)

Moral Objectives

Our student should be able to appreciate and value how the three Sinopec gospel (Mathew, Mark and Luke) give the defuel life and times of Jesus on earth.


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