Members of the family

Members of the family

  1. Nephew- A son of your brother or sister
  2. Niece-A daughter of one’s brother or sister (or brother-in-law, or sister-in-law)
  3. Cousin-the child of your aunt or uncle, (first cousin, full cousin) (cousin brother (male cousin) female cousin)
  4. Father-in-law – the father of your spouse
  5. Mother-in-law –the mother of your spouse
  6. Spouse- A person’s partner in marriage. Better half, married person, mate, other half, partner
  1. Couple-A pair who associate with one another or a pair of people who live together.
  2. Courtship-A man’s courting of a woman; seeking the affections of a woman (usually with the hope of marriage)


Vocabulary Development

Your school subjects

  • Mathematics           (6) Basic Technology       (11) Computer
  • English                     (7)Business studies         (12) Social-Studies
  • French                     (8) fine Art                         (13) Yoruba
  • R.S                            (9) Home Economics       (14) Civic Education
  • Basic Science         (10) P.H.E                            (15) Other words

(16) Academics-Associated with academia or an academy.

An Academy-is a learned establishment for the advancement of knowledge

(17) Rules-A principle or condition that customarily generous behavior –the state

Of being controlled



Find out the meaning of the following words and use them in sentence.

  • Cousin (4) Success
  • Divorce (5) Punishment
  • Miler Family (6) Examination.



All students now have a better understanding of the family and the place of knowledge imputation (i.e. the school).



Cure the prescription of these words.

  • Spouse   (c) Nephew  (e) Rules.
  • Courtship (d) Denomination


Moral Objectives:

All students must appreciate our first father and our first mother (Adam and eve). But they must understand that Jesus is our ultimate father that gave everything to save our souls from sin.


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