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/I/ – this sort vowel has various spelling symbols like e, I, u, ay, ey, y, ui, ie, a,ia e.g. market, manage, quick, Friday, village, holy, symbol

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/ I: / – This vowel is longer in length than vowel /I/ spelling symbpls-ea, ev,ae. Ie, ei, e, I, ey, ay, ee, etc. e.g. retrieve, seek, people, heat, kerosene, be, calling, amoeba, police, see, prestige

/e/ – the spelling symbols of this vowel are: a,e,ue,ea,e.g. many, bled, weapon, guess, says, ate, egg, manger,

/ae/ – it has two spelling from: ai, and a, e.g. gap, fan, plaid, plait, march, thank, cat, channel

/ a: / – it is longer than vowel /ae/ (vpwel4) spelling symbols are: a, ar, er, ear, cul, al e.g. pass, farmer, balm, heart, laugh, draught, fast, clerk, sergeant, aunt, laugh

Class work

Identify the words that has these vowel sound in them

  • / a: / – (a) cause                              (b) hark                                (c) Calf  (d) blue
  • / ae / –                 (a) active                             (b) fast                                 (c) who (d) dawn
  • / e / –    (a) paternal                        (b) campus                         (c) be                    (d) many
  • / I / –                     (a) private                           (b) key                  (c) seize               (d) bell
  • / I: / –    (a) health                            (b) toy                  (c) these              (d) pack



Transcribe the following words

  • Calf /ka:If/
  • Active /aektiv/
  • Many /meni/
  • Private /praivit/
  • These /aI:s/

Conclusion: student can now give the pronunciation of these speech sound on their own


Compare and contrast these vowel sounds

/a:/ and /ae/                                      /I:/ and /I/

Part          pat                                                       seal          sit


Moral Objectives

At the end of the lesson-students must develop their oratory prowess to be able to defend the gospel of Christ like Apostle Paul.


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