Making Sentences with Past Tense

The simple past is used to talk about a completed action in a time before now.  We can sentence with past tense to express completed action in the past e.g.

  1. She washed her.
  2. I saw a movie yesterday.

Used to express a series of completed actions.

  • I finished work, walked to the beach, and found a nice place to swim
  1. He arrived from the airport at 8:00, checked into the hotel at 9:00, and met the others at 10:00.


EVALUATION:  Underline the verbs in the following sentences.

  1. I studied French when I was a child
  2. They never went to school, they always skipped class
  3. When I paid her one dollar, she answered my question.


ASSIGNMENT:  Explain the past tense form of a verb.

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