There is a day that will continue to remain indelible in my memory.  It is the day that i learnt a bitter lesson which i will pass on to my children.  I was then about eleven.  My father and i woke up early so that he could attend the wedding ceremony of one of my aunties taking place in another town.  My mother had had, the previous week, been invited by the Chukwus to assist Kelechi in taking care of Chile, the first grandson of my parents. My father expected that i would be eager to accompany him because i always load to go out.  (Finish it up from your textbook)


Give the meaning of each of the following words as used in the passage.

  1. Indelibly
  2. Appeasing
  3. Prying
  4. Emerged
  5. Ajar
  6. Yelled
  7. Profusely

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