Read the following passage carefully and do the exercise on it:

The dog is a domestic animal whose usefulness is rarely appreciated by man.  It is not an ordinary animals. The dog is very loyal to man no matter the situation, the dogs remains faithful to man.  The popular saying in a marriage ceremony “for better, for worse” is more applicable to the relationship between the dog and man – for the dog is ever ready to stand by man in all circumstances.  It is unlike man who can desert his fraud when the situation is unfavourable.

It is used by men to hunt other animals.  Hunters usually rely on the ability of the dog to track down other animals.  It does not consider the fact that it is same category with other animals.  It then provides the meat which men eats with relish.

It is always used to fight against criminals.  The police train the dog to become a detective.  With this training, it is able to sniff out where robbers are.  Such robber are then arrested by the police.


  1. What is the use of the dog to men as stated in paragraph 1?
  2. How is the dog unlike man? Paragraph 1
  3. How does the hunter use the dog? Paragraph 2
  4. What does the dog provide for men? Paragraph 2
  5. What do the police use the dog for? Paragraph 3


Using your dictionary, checkup and write down the meaning of each of the underlined words as they are used in the passage.

  1. Domestic
  2. Rarely
  3. Applicable
  4. Endangers
  5. Ferociously
  6. Relish
  7. Sniff out

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