Adverbials (Frequently and Manner)

Adverbs are words that adds more information to a verb, to an adjective and to another adverb.  We shall be looking at only two types of adverbs in this lesson: –

  1. Adverb of manner:- Which is used to show how an action is done e.g. fast, slowly, badly, well e.t.c.

Sentence          –           (i)  It all ends sadly

  • (ii) The girls ran quickly
  1. Adverbs of frequency: – Is used to show how often or how many times an action takes place.  E.g., daily, yearly, always, often, twice, sometimes

Sentences (i) I see him daily.

(ii)  It often rains in port Harcourt

CLASS WORK: Pick out the adverbs and indicate which are adverbs of manner, time, place and frequency.

  1. He goes to work daily (adverb of frequency)
  2. I’ve been seeing him everywhere
  3. We are travelling today
  4. Lanre did the work willingly
  5. We sometimes travel by bus

ASSIGNMENT:  Explain the following types of adverbs with adequate examples – Adverb of frequency and manner

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