Tenses | The Present Tense

Tense is a grammatical category of verbs used to express distinctions of time.  We shall look at the present tense. The present tense is used to show an action that occurs always or an occupation.

For example –

  1. I live in New York.
  2. The moon goes around the earth.
  3. He eats rice every day.

EVALUATION: – change the following tense into the simple present tense:

  1. John drove a taxi yesterday.
  2. He had not driven a car.
  3. We did not work at night.
  4. She sold a loaf of bread.


  1. John drives a taxi
  2. He does not drive a car
  3. We do not work last night
  4. She sells loaves of bread.


ASSIGNMENT:  From your textbook.  Progressive English by J. Aldin (page 71) attempts exercise 3D (questions 1-10).

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