Tense is the change which takes place in the structure (i.e form) of the verb to show time.

  1. The Simple present tense: It is used to show an action that occurs always or an occupation. Examples:
  2. I eat beans everyday
  3. He sells bread
  4. They work hard
  5. My father is a trader
  6. The sun shines during the day


  1. The simple past: This is used for an action that took place in the past. Example:
  2. Yesterday I ate rice
  3. Last year, Badmus spent his holiday in Jos
  4. They worked hard
  5. She sold bread a week ago.


  1. The future tense: it is used to show an event that will take place in the future. Example:
  2. I shall write letter to my father
  3. They will attend the meeting
  4. She will sell bread in the evening
  5. She will meet principal in his office
  6. They will work hard next week



Progressive English page 71. No 1 – 10. State the tense used in each of the following sentences (Exercise 3D)


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