For articulation of /s/, the tip and blade of the tongue make light contact with the alveolar fridge while the airstream passes through the groove created by partial obstruction. There is no vibration of the vocal cord as /s/ is produced. It is therefore, a voiceless, plosive, alveolar. The common spelling symbols are:

“S” as in Seat

“SC” as in Science

“C” as in Cease

“X” as in Axe

/s/ at the initial and final position

Initial Position                         Final Position

Six                                            Sieze

Sign                                         Gas

Soup                                        Picks

Sat                                           Piece

Sack                                         Ice

/z/: This consonant has the same place and manner of articulation with /s/. The only difference between /z/and /s/ is that the vocal cords vibrate as the articulation of /z/ take place while there is no vibration of the vocal cords during the production of /s/. Thar is why /z/ is a voiced alveolar plosive which has the following symbols.

Z as in Zip

S as in has

X as in exact

/z/ at initial and final position

Initial Position                                     Final Position

Zip                                                       Bees

Zoom                                                   Whose

Zombie                                                Those

Zero                                                     Ways

Zonal                                                   Pigs

Zest                                                     Nose

Zoon                                                    Fees

Zinc                                                      Fez



Write three word for /s/ and two for /z/, showing the two at sound at the initial and final position.

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