Punctuation marks is a sign mark used in writing to divide sentence and phrases.

1a. THE COMMA (,): It is used after ‘No’ and ‘Yes’. Example

No, they never go to church

Yes, we have done the assignment

  1. It is used in lists

Ade pays tennis, volley ball and football

  1. It is used after all linking words. An example: Augutus, therefore, become an unlucky man.
  2. THE FULL STOP (.): This is used in abbreviation. Example: U.S.A, U.K, M.A, B.A etc.

(ii) It is used at the end of a sentence. An example: Abu came to Lagos yesterday

  1. THE QUESTION MARK (?): It is used after direct speech. examples

(i) What is your father’s name?

(ii) Where are the thieves?


  1. THE COLON (:) – It is used for introducing quotation, lists etc. Examples: Baba said: “People who are well, do not need a doctor but only those who are sick.
  2. THE SEMI COLON (;) – It is used between two closely joined principal clauses. Examples

(i) The sun was setting; the shadows were long

(ii) The book is not mine; it is my uncle’s.



Reference to Oxford English Book 2. Page 25. Replace the asterisks in the following sentences with capital letters, full – stop, question marks and commas. (a – e)

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