A sewing machine is a large sewing equipment designed to make stitches.

  • It makes sewing quicker and more efficient.
  • It is a simple machine to operate as it is done manually at the speed of the person operating.
  • It is portable and easy to carry.
  • Balance wheel is rotated by hand.
  • One hand rotates the hand wheel while the other guides the material.


Hand Machine

The following shows the working of a hand machine: Treadle Machine

  •  Feet rotate the hand wheel
  •  Both hands are free to guide the work
  •  Bulky and hence takes up a lot of storage space
  •  A motor can be fixed onto it to make it electric
  •  Treadle Machine


The following shows the working of a treadle machine:

Electric Machine

  •  Balance wheel is rotated using electricity.
  •  Very fast because both hands are free to guide the work.
  •  Expensive to purchase.
  •  Some are portable and others are very bulky.


The following shows the working of an electric machine:

  •  Parts of a Sewing Machine
  •  Choosing a sewing machine
  •  Consider the cost in relation to the work.
  •  Consider the machine in relation to its work, that is, do not buy a domestic machine for commercial purposes.
  •  Buy from a reliable dealer who will be able to service and supply spare parts.
  •  Machine should have an instruction manual.


Care of the sewing machine

  • Ensure servicing of machines regularly.
  • Store the machine while covered to avoid dust from entering.
  • Clean and oil it regularly.
  • Learners should use the machine under supervision.
  • Do not machine over pins to avoid breaking the needle.


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