The Art of Giving

Pay It Forward


The art of abundance is discovering the provision in what is right before you, seeing the hand of God already affording you what you need, minute by minute. Then sharing the abundant blessings God has presented with others. And finishing the circle of giving by praising the One who gave the gifts for us to savor.

Abundance And The Art Of Giving

The More You Give, The More You Will Receive!

Chapter 1:

What Is Abundance



Abundance is bigger than the personal question of who we are and what we wish to do. In order to achieve anything, we need to be in living exchange with other people, as clearly as we are dependent upon so many individuals when we sit down to a meal – including the farmers, cooks, and the servers.


What Is This Concept Of Abundance

Before we get down to discussing Abundance, let us be clear-cut about what Abundance isn’t. Abundance isn’t the final result of a Faustian pact to accomplish personal grandness. Such pursuits are, as a matter of fact, often prompted by feelings of inadequateness.

Abundance isn’t about running around and trying to score as many points as imaginable before the game ends. It isn’t a race to ascertain how much you are able to get done in a week, or in an ambitious 5 year plan. Abundance is neither about the assemblage of goods; nor is it the unrealistic renouncement of material comforts. Abundance isn’t about finding a way to simply become comfortable- a safe way to stay halfhearted.


Fundamentally, true abundance is freedom. It’s rudimentary well-being, a fulfillment that isn‘t dependent upon outside circumstances. Abundance is finding out how to trust in life. Its realism lived fully-being conscious, present, and whole. Consequently, the quality of your attention is the actual measure of abundance and it’s your largest capital asset in any state of affairs.

What we come to comprehend and affirm is that even through the hardest conditions of life, abundant beauty and affluence may be found. It’s our trust in the goodness and wiseness of things that lets us work our way through life‘s blackest instants.


In that way, abundance is as well faith in the common goodness of life. It’s stating ―yes‖ to all that we can know of life-including the miserable circumstances that surrounds us. It’s also stating ―yes‖ to that which we don’t understand, to open and take on the unknown with goodwill.

A sensation of Abundance affords us the freedom to take part fully in or lives by doing what we can to attend to other people. If we don’t ourselves feel rich, how may we contribute to other people what has been afforded to us?

In that way, Abundance turns into the rainbow beaming through the storm, the promise of our inspired destiny.


Our exchange with other people is of the essence to our life‘s work and this sense of communion, of giving and getting is among the central reasons for our desire to manifest in this domain. By turning conscious of the relational views of manifestation, we go on the far side of egocentric want and undergo the desire to step-up our possibilities for love and for awakening the experience of joy in our association with other people.

Therefore, abundance is found in the present moment, in our every day doings. When we honor the details of the life we have been afforded, we detect mines full of the most cherished materials, the divine substance that’s revealed through the sharing of our being with everything and everybody.


Conscious careers start with abundance; an intuitive feeling of trust in life, self-respect, and the value of being who you are in the cosmos. What do you do easily, by nature, effortlessly? Real, powerful positions can be accomplished through scarcity (the feeling that I’m not enough or that I don’t have enough), but they take one away from one‘s genuineness. What profits a man who’s gained the whole world?


Chapter 2:

Passions Place In Abundance


Passion is the fire that drives us. What do you care about? What makes you incensed enough to alter yourself and/or the cosmos? What would you do spontaneously – even if you weren’t being paid for it? If passion isn’t consciously present, symptoms are. If you’re in abundance, you don’t need to mask or refuse symptoms, but can work profoundly with them, hear them, and allow them to lead you to your core.


Passion Is A Big Part Of Abundance

According to a recent study, approximately 75% of the population doesn‘t recognize what their true passion is. Distinctly, nearly everybody seems to not be doing what they were intended to do. This is an eye-opener as doing what we truly love is utterly necessary if we want to be amply happy. Maybe this is why there‘s such sadness going on in our society; individuals just aren‘t doing what they’re here on Earth for. Finding your rightful passion isn‘t as easy as it might seem. For a few, yes it does come by nature, but most of the time, you have to inquire about some things to pinpoint precisely what you were born to do. Here are some inquiries that can guide you to discovering your ultimate passion:

What places a grin on your face?

Is there a certain event, a certain issue that makes your entire face just brighten? Whatever it is that causes you to smile, and makes you pleased whenever you ran into it, this is a sign of something you’re passionate about. I really believe that felicity and passion walk hand in hand. Both need one another. So following what makes you really pleased is a fantastic way to working out what you were put on Earth for. Consider something that you do or that maybe you used to do that bestows total peace to you when you do it. Serenity is happiness, and happiness is passion.

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What comes to you easily?

Commonly, what we find simple for us to do will be akin to what we’re passionate about. It‘s really hard to detest something that’s very simple for us! For instance, let‘s say you’re by nature good at playing the piano, you’ll find the action simple, and this ease makes it much more amusing for you. Fun leads to happiness and happiness is synonymous with passion. So evaluate everything that you do, whatever it is that comes to you really easy and is fun, this might very well be your passion. And don‘t believe that anything is out-of-bounds or silly. Some individuals have taken their passion for skateboarding, drawing, or collecting to full fledged careers. Think of this, you are able to make a career out of anything you’re passionate about.

What activates your creative thinking?

Among my passions growing up was ice hockey. I recall playing for hours, and always mustering up dissimilar plays, and dissimilar techniques to score goals. I was forever full of creativeness when playing hockey. Later in life, I formulated a like creativity in business. Consider something in your life where you appear to always expound, always mustering up new, fun, and energizing ideas relating to that matter. Whatever makes you originative, is likely something that you’re very passionate about.

What would you do free of charge?

In this world, we’re ruled by the all-powerful dollar. That‘s the way the system acts, and that‘s the game we have to play. The trouble is, this leads a lot of individuals to seek making money first, rather than what makes them happy. I’ve read innumerable stories about stock brokers and physicians for instance, leaving their high paying offices to follow what they truly love. There’s a reason for that. I sincerely believe that if you follow what you’re passionate about without considering if it will make you rich or not, you’ll wind up being successful. Executing what you have a passion for brings on your best, and this leads to grandness. Grandness breezes to success. Do you think that the most successful individuals in the cosmos got to where they are because they needed to get rich? Absolutely not, they did what they were so passionate about, and their huge success was just a by-product of their allegiance. So consider something that you’d just love to do, even if you weren’t getting paid. Consider something that you look forward to, something that you wish you could do always.

What makes you fearless?

When we do what we’re passionate about, we have total assurance in our abilities. This makes us not worry about bombing, as in our mind, how can we fail when we do what we love? Doing what you love is a success in and of itself, so failure is like an impossible action. Have in mind something that you just do or want to do, regardless what. Something that you don’t have reconsiderations about. Consider something that you feel you must do and that failure isn’t even a concern of yours, as the mere act of doing it is like the journey and the finish all rolled up in one. This may very well be your real passion.


Chapter 3:

Direction Is Required For Abundance   


We’re forever moving, whether it is ahead, backwards or in a circle. Most of us would, I think, want to be moving ahead – accomplishing something, getting fitter, stronger, wealthier, more skillful, and happier. All the same so many of us get stuck in a rut, reviewing the same ground like a mouse in a wheel. You Must Have A Dream and Direction


Al things begin in the mind. The big cathedrals and mosques of the world, the pyramids, the contemporary world – cars, planes and starships – all the wonders of the ancient and the present time – they all began as thoughts, dreams. The thought of a flying machine would have been amazing to individuals a few hundred years ago – most individuals would have made fun of such a notion – but somebody dreamed about it and now planes are part of our everyday life.


It’s a great calamity that so many of us let life mash our dreams. There was a time when we dreamed of big and fantastic things; learning to dream again is among our most crucial jobs as adults. If you have no dreams, you’ll be like that mouse in a wheel: there may be a lot of motion, but there’ll be no advancement.


We need to differentiate between desire and obsession. Desire – or dreaming – alone won’t get us anyplace; it’s a necessary requirement, to be sure, but we as well need to have a solid inner compulsion to make those dreams come true. If our dreams are a ship, then we need a skipper to get the ship moving and to keep it traveling. We need self-belief, passion and loyalty. Would the plane have been invented if Orville and Wilbur Wright hadn’t been impelled to see their dreams turn into fact?


Setbacks and failures are inevitable, but surrender can’t be an option if you want to win. I don’t mean to hint that life should be a battle – in fact, I think just the opposite. The skipper of a ship isn’t straining to stay on course and the better the skipper, the more easily and naturally he appears able to direct the vessel. But without desire, we won’t have the energy to hold on, to keep advancing, even in the face of evident frustration. We’ll get lost in the desert, maybe lost in a rapture of dreams, and we’ll never see the land of milk and honey.


Action issues naturally from determination. If you’re determined to accomplish your goals, then you’ll act. But there’s a correct way to act and an improper way. Determination shouldn’t be compared to battle nor, indeed, to speed. Many small activities can accomplish great results – a journey materializes one step at a time, and a great tower is constructed one single brick on top of another. The ‗dripping tap‘soon extends to a filled bucket.


Without goals and without the determination to accomplish them, we’ll get nowhere. However finally, life is a mystery. We can’t know the future. So we need to be hospitable to the natural flow of matters and let life take us where it will, not brawling, not baulking. There’s an intelligence greater than you or I – call it providence, call it God, call it the Tao – and we should forever seek to be in agreement with it. Brawling against nature is fruitless; working with the natural grain of matters can bring capital success with little outlay of energy.


Enormous sailing vessels can go huge distances carried only by the wind, and wind up on unusual, unforeseen and yet fantastic new shores. Without a dream and a commitment to action, the ship would never have been built or set sail, but without an understanding of the innate course of nature, without setting forth at the right time and following the wind and the tides, the crew would work to get nowhere.



Chapter 4:

The Importance Of Giving


Giving back to other people is among the easiest ways you are able to contribute to society. So why, then, do so few individuals do so? For some, the idea of giving away hard-earned revenue is absurd. For other people, there are just not enough hours in the day to give back to others.


Abundance Includes Giving

When you are able to learn the importance of giving, your life will be altered eternally. You’ll soon begin to seek out more and more opportunities and processes to give. Here are just a couple of reasons why giving is so crucial.

“I hate the giving of the hand unless the whole man accompanies it.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

“I hate the giving of the hand unless the whole man accompanies it.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson


Giving affords more possibilities for you.

When you are able to find it in your heart and life to give something back to other people, you’ll find more and more opportunities opening up for you. Giving anything of yourself allows more room for you to take in things. The openings that come to you when you give are perpetual.


Giving teaches you to be more grateful.

In giving, the biggest lesson often learned is that you have more than you‘ll ever require. In that respect, giving of yourself teaches you to be more grateful for what you do have, instead of center on all the things you don‘t have.


Giving makes room for you to take in more things.

Most of all, the act of giving opens up space for you to take in more things. Giving is like a mysterious message to the cosmos that says you’re available and open to obtain gifts yourself. Until you are able to make space to obtain those gifts, you’ll likely find yourself feeling like you’re up against a brick wall.

Giving may seem too simple of a concept or theme for you. If so, you may not be prepared to open yourself up in such a fashion.

When you’re ready to take in bigger and better things in life, the simple act of giving will set the ball in motion.




Chapter 5:

Karma and Abundance-What Is It?


Karma? What precisely is it, and what sort of impact can it have on your life? Karma has been talked about throughout history in various religious doctrines and occult writings. It’s a topic with many misinterpretations. Let’s take a break from the traditional cast of karma and explore it for what it really is. Karma-What Is It In Relation To Abundance?


Karma, put simply, is the cumulative positive or negative result from your thoughts, actions, and reality creating as that result affects your present reality.

Karma is your own personal look into the reality-mirror and the ascertaining the inner you conveying itself within time and space. Time is a crucial factor here as some believe the human karmic wave is on a seven-year cycle. Which implies every seven-years your general circumstances will alter to reflect your actions from your previous seven-years. So, if you were thoughtful to others, seven-years ago, your current truth will reflect that quality; other people will be kind to you.


I hope you can ascertain the implications here (positive and negative). Any cumulative negativity that you inflict on yourself or on other people will bounce back at you seven-years later. “You glean as you have sown” is a phrase that expresses karma very nicely and accurately. For instance, the careless farmer who tosses seeds anywhere and abuses his land will yield a poor crop. The initial effort becomes wasted later when the seeds grow into little, fragile plants that scoff him as he walks by. But, the scrupulous farmer, who cares and watches his sowing intently and treats it charitably, will reap a big harvest demonstrating all the fruits of his labor. So, too, it is with karma. A beneficial, caring life will be rewarded seven-years later with a good warm reality; an abused, mean life will rebound seven-years later with an abused, mean reality.


Now, karma can be very positive in nature, and that mind-set is the proper way to view karma. For example, the condition of healthiness is the by-product of a karmic wave too. A fit attitude toward yourself and other people returns a karmic wave of health for yourself over the next seven-years. Also, holding in mind that karma can be positive will help you to more quickly smoke out any negative attitudes or ways and have you producing more of those positive facets in your life. Weeding out those negative facets in your life doesn’t mean centering on them to the exclusion of all else. You as well need to acknowledge all those positive karmic patterns that you own also, otherwise you’ll never know the positive side of karma and forever view it as the great oppressor, rather than the great liberator as it truly is.


The key, of course, to freeing yourself from a minus, unpleasant karmic wave is to begin to build a new positive, pleasant karmic wave. You should right away stop any activity or mindset that’s destructive or insulting to others or yourself. The second part of this formula is patience. You must give your truth and your new karmic wave the time to build and take its area within your aura. Rushing won’t get you there any quicker, but delaying will just drive off your positive, pleasant reality even longer and will have you harvesting a negative, obnoxious reality for that much longer.


Remember that we’re discussing karmic patterns (plural). The karmic wave that circles you is a complex energy pattern made of every facet of your life. Wealth, successfulness, friendship, etc. are all parts of one karmic wave. Alter only those components that are destructive to yourself and other people; leave the ones that are constructive to yourself and other people.


As well, your thoughts as well as your actions should be guarded. By not pursuing a negative or destructive impulse, you’ve taken the beginning step. However the second step is to eradicate the thought of that impulse from your mind. You see! Thoughts bear with them their own sort of karmic wave. For instance, if you always think (but never say) that everybody around you is unintelligent, seven-years from now everybody will think you’re unintelligent (and never tell you). You can see the distorted irony in this illustration, can’t you? It would be better to get rid of the thought that ‘everybody is unintelligent’ right from your mind, that way seven-years from now you won’t be held back in your reality because everybody thinks you’re unintelligent. Being viewed as unintelligent can only damage your abundance.



Chapter 6:

The Art Of Giving


In order to construct your own success you must have the right foundation. Giving Is An Art

You must find out how to give in order to live a life of inner peace and abundance.

This appears unearthly to a lot of individuals. We live in a world where “getting for me” is a dominant cerebrated process. All the same, you’ll be astonished at what you receive in return when you assist and give to those around you.

Abundance issues forth from learning to accept matters you can’t alter as there, improving the matters you will be able to alter, and finding out how to give more of yourself to other people.


Let’s see what you have to give…

Giving of revenue is commonly the beginning thing individuals dream up when trying to discover an effective way to have an effect on individuals. Some of the times, revenue does solve a person’s trouble and they’ll be exceedingly grateful that your assistance was there.

Offering up encouragement makes a major impact on other people. Some of the times, all an upset individual wants is to have somebody listen to them just a little.


Once you notice a family member, acquaintance or even an unknown person looking upset over something, keep an eye on how they change when you ask what’s wrong and then truly listen to them. You might not understand how to solve their issues, but simply letting them talk and to understand that somebody cares about them is present from you to them.


I’ve observed that individuals react so well when you offer them encouragement. We all bear doubts about our abilities in particular areas. When you contribute encouragement to somebody, watch the smile on their face. Observe how their whole plan of attack to the state of affairs changes.


When you devote your time, you are able to be an immense help to those in need. There are many administrations right in your own residential areas that require volunteers. You are able to assist children, senior citizens, individuals with illnesses, and so forth.


When you dedicate your money, encouragement, or time, you’ll discover that abundance comes back to you as you furnish abundance for other people. Giving is receiving. This is a common spiritual precept that you should unquestionably pay attention to.




Chapter 7:

The Rules Of Giving For Abundance


Giving is the mystery to having it all—including happiness without bounds. This secret won’t just benefit you, but the planet as a whole.

Giving Creates As Well

In the circle of life there’s an ebb and flow, like inhaling and exhaling. If we were to inhale only and not let go of that breath, our life would plainly end. What I have found personally and with a lot of our friends and business associates is that giving and receiving are cyclic, too. You might notice that the individuals who give the most—without anticipation of receiving anything in return—are the most pleased and often the most successful. How come?


Because successful individuals don’t try to stop the flow of energy merely by receiving only … they give back, as well. Here is the little recognized secret: Giving unconditionally, without any strings attached, opens the heart exponentially and isn’t bound by time. When we receive a new car, apparel, home or whatever it might be, we may get extremely happy for a time period. But this delight is temporary. The heart opens with joy, only to close later and to want more ―stuff‖ in an endeavor to regain this fluttering feeling of happiness.


Most of us, even if we’re doing the essential internal work of relinquishing or are working with understanding abundance, spend most if not all of our time and energy attempting to protect and heighten our own ―personal‖ lives and the lives of those that we care about the most.


We draw a blank when we try to understand that that we do not live in a vacuum. It’s crucial to remember that each of us lives as part of a whole and it’s as well crucial give to and support our world. For a lot of years, I have recommended a very powerful action. You are able to take this action daily to help to create all you desire and free yourself from your self-imposed prison of restriction.


This simple action is giving without desiring anything back reciprocally. Many of us are so egocentric that everything we do, even in our closest relationships, is at best a barter instead of true selfless giving without requiring anything back reciprocally.


All giving feels fantastic and is very supportive to you and our world; But, when we give with anticipation of receiving something back reciprocally—that is, with ―strings attached,‖ we’re not really relinquishing what we’re giving. When we don’t let go entirely, we block the flow of energy.


When you give without anticipating something back reciprocally you’re allowing the flow of universal energy so that whatever you give returns to you many fold and in many ways. But remember, if you’re giving to get something back, this doesn’t happen—it’s simply more barter.




Chapter 8:

What You Give Yourself When You Give To Others


By giving to others you receive gifts as well.

What Can Giving Do For You?

There are a lot of reasons that giving without requiring something back reciprocally is so mighty. Here are just some:

  • It feels fantastic. When you give without requiring anything back reciprocally it opens your heart to the peace, love and joy that you are.
  • It assists you in feeling grateful. When you give to other people without anticipation this naturally causes your heart to open and you’re filled with great compassion and gratitude. Truly the giver is blessed.
  • It invokes your remaining scarcity and selfishness. You might think this is a problem, but it isn’t. When you bring up these restrictions into your conscious awareness, you then can let them depart. If you merely neglect them or pretend they’re not there, they remain active in your subconscious mind. This often undermines even your most valorous efforts to succeed and draw in to you what you desire. These feelings, if brushed off, may even attract to you the opposite of what you trying to produce.
  • Once you give fully, you let the energy of the universe flow. When we merely center on receiving, we produce a dam in our energy which keeps us from really having it all and feeling all the benefits of the releasing that comes from giving.
  • We remember there’s more than enough and we’re not unaccompanied. When we’re working with causing abundance without also giving with an open mind and heart, we’re holding in mind and proposing at least some scarcity, separation and need. When you give, you realize the abundance and integrity that comes from knowing there’s always more than plenty to give not just receive.
  • It absolves you from your karma. If you trust in karma or gaining merit, there’s as well another benefit in giving without wanting anything back in return. Even if you’ve the most socially conscious and environmental sustainable life or business, you can’t help affecting and taking from your environment. Life feeds upon life. When you give, particularly in ways that positively affect the planet, you help neutralize the negative effects of the aftermaths of your actions.
  • We’re the emptiness. In some manner we’re all going through life as if we’re trying to fill a bag with no bottom. Energy is always flowing through the present. The present is the only time life happens—and the only time anything can be done about anything. As you realize that no-thing is lasting, yet what you are is changelessly in the present moment, you‘re welcoming all experiencing and giving without requiring anything back reciprocally is natural.
  • You pull in giving to you. Abundance begins when you understand that what you put out into both your internal and external world comes back to you. Image how mighty putting giving energy out into your world can be. Would you like giving energy to come back to you?



Chapter 9:

I Have Nothing To Give


What if I have nothing to give? Does that mean I’ll never have abundance?

The States Of Abundance And Lack

Anyone who has been in the world of personal development will have heard of all the metaphysical laws that have gained popularity of late.


Your wallet gets less full as you give, if you give money that is. On the physical level, that can’t be disputed. But what if there is more? The classic achiever literatures are based on one rule: Your inner world reflects the outer. Hold an abundant mind-set, act abundantly, and think abundantly. Believe you’re rich now, and one day your external world will match it.


What you think of will regulate your reality. I can‘t speak for material wealth, but I can speak of the opposite. If your thinking is always on lack – of respect, love, money, whatever it is – then it will forever be a part of who you are.


Trusting that your needs are not met, trusting that you don‘t have something – that idea will sabotage everything, even if opportunity comes knocking. When I was younger, I was exceedingly introverted. I didn‘t think that I merited love, respect, or even a quality mate. And because of that, whenever someone would confess their feelings for me, I would undermine the budding relationship inadvertently in one way or the other. Straightaway my thoughts would jump to: perhaps they want to use me. Perhaps they are just lonely. Perchance this, maybe that.


And this carried forward to income and business. I had lost a lot of lucrative contracts and offers because of the way I believed. Whatsoever you think the world is keeping back from you, you’re keeping back from the world. In spite of appearance, inside you think you’re small and that you have nothing to give. And if you don‘t give, you don‘t get.


How do I give what I don’t have?

“Let him not worry, not fear, not be anxious, the person who feels his inner-self-abandoned, haunted by lack of belief and helplessness, full of darkness and aridness; let him not mind these even a little.” Unknown Author


Don‘t dread your lack. Recognize it, yes. This isn’t asking you to pretend, this isn’t asking you to act as if you were cold in the midst of a burning summer. The problem lies when we sit down and we fall into desperation, when we think it’s a permanent condition.


Give out whatsoever you think individuals are keeping back from you. And before long after you start giving, you’ll start receiving. This can be difficult. So merely acknowledge the abundance that’s already in your life. See the richness of life all around you. Be thankful for it. The warmth of the sun on your skin, the glorious display of flowers. The rain dousing you from the skies. Nature is abundant; we just have to open our eyes to see it.


Establish your inner mind in this manner, and let your life change to match.




Chapter 10:

Pay It Forward


Leave a legacy of giving… teach others to give and develop abundance.


Share The Light

According to education professors, “the most fundamental impact on students’ development of character comes from their fellowships with family, notably their parents.” Effective character growth, including the teaching of unselfishness and giving, must come chiefly from the home. Parents and caregivers have chief influence over a child’s development, particularly in the formative infant, toddler and preschool years. While your youngsters are young, it’s the time to lay the basis for generosity and giving.


Develop a clear understanding of the child’s mental development. Children of different ages and levels will comprehend and relate to generosity differently. A toddler is just learning that other people have beliefs similar to his. A teen is commonly ready to consider feelings in an abstract way. You’ll only be able to teach the importance of giving at the level your child is currently able to comprehend. This goes for any other person as well that you will be trying to teach giving to.


Portion out stories of giving. These should be a mixture of real world examples from newspapers and other media in addition to as children’s stories where characters model unselfishness. Call attention to examples of giving when you encounter them in books and movies. As well, this goes for any age you are trying to; leave the legacy of giving to… the material just needs to be age appropriate.


Practice giving among family and close friends. For young tykes, these concrete experiences with peers and familiar adults will lay the basis for later acts of unselfishness toward other people. Promote not only sharing with playmates and siblings but also small sacrifices to help somebody else be happier or more prosperous. Once again, this can be used with anyone you are trying to get the “giving” message out to.


Leaving a legacy of giving will not only make other people better rounded, but it will add to their prosperity and abundance as well as yours. There can never bee too much assistance in this world today.



Wrapping Up

The art of abundance and giving is the art of “thinking right”. Every thought you have is either getting you more in tune with your roots or creating that resistance. You need to take a sober look at your belief system. Is it a scheme of negative thoughts? Most likely, yes. We live in a world filled up with individuals and thoughts of negativity and selfishness. Thoughts of scarcity. Thoughts of “deficiency”. Thoughts of “the glass is half empty”.


The art of abundance truly isn’t that hard. It just takes an awakening on your part. Waken your spirit. Begin altering your thoughts – now! Even if you’ve been considering “resisting” thoughts regarding abundance, inner peace and giving for years and years, it does not matter. You are able to begin your “abundant journey” right now. Learn to give and create a difference in your reality as well as that of others.


Hopefully this book has given you the tools to give freely and to truly understand abundance.



Avoiding Procrastinating



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