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Uses of IT Devices

Many objects function like the computer. We make use of some of these objects in our daily activities. They are electronic devices. Some of these devices and their uses are:

  1. Calculator: A calculator is a machine used for solving arithmetical problems.
  2. Cell phone: A cell phone is used for making and receiving telephone calls. It is also used for sending and receiving text messages. A cell phone is also called a mobile phone.
  3. Digital wrist watch: A digital wrist watch is used for keeping time. It tells time in seconds, minutes and hours. A digital wrist watch also shows the date
  4. Organiser: An organiser is used for keeping personal records, data or information. You can use it for keeping the birthdays of members of your family and those of your friends.
  5. Pager: A pager is used for sending and receiving messages.
  1. Fax machine: A fax machine is used for sending and receiving messages. Fax messages are received like photocopies of the messages sent.
  2. Liquid dispenser: A liquid dispenser meter is used for selling fuel like kerosene, petrol and diesel


Step I: Teacher revises the previous topic

Step II: Teacher introduces the new topic “Uses of IT devices ”

Step III: Teacher states various examples of IT devices

Step IV: Teacher explains the uses of the listed examples of IT devices

Step V: Teacher explains further with relevant examples

Step VI: Pupils contribute and ask questions


  1. List two IT devices and their uses


  1. Name other IT devices that you know, which are not mentioned in this unit. What are their uses?

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