Digital Wrist Watch

A digital wrist watch is used for keeping time. It tells time in seconds, minutes and hours. A digital wrist watch also shows the date.

Parts of a digital wristwatch

  1. Case: The case holds the inner working parts of the watch.
  2. Lugs: The lugs are where the case of the watch connects to the strap or metal bracelet of the watch, by use of metal spring bars.
  3. Crown: The crown is what is used to change the time. …
  4. Strap / Buckle.
  5. Hands.
  6. Bezel.
  7. Crystal.
  8. Dial / Face.


Uses of a digital wristwatch

The uses of a digital wristwatch include the following:

  1. For telling time
  2. For showing the date
  3. For setting alarms
  4. For finding directions


Step I: Teacher revises the previous topic

Step II: Teacher introduces the new topic “Digital wristwatch ”

Step III: Teacher explains the parts of a digital wristwatch

Step IV: Teacher explains the uses of a digital wristwatch

Step V: Teacher explains further with relevant examples

Step VI: Pupils contribute and ask questions


  1. What is a digital wristwatch?
  2. State two parts of a digital wristwatch


  1. Describe three uses of a digital wristwatch
  2. Draw a digital wristwatch.

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