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A prefix is a group of letters or syllable which is attached to the front of a root word to form another word which usually changes its meaning.


The following are examples with their meaning.

Prefix                    Meaning                     New Words/Derivative

un-                         not                               unhappy, untrue

dis-                        not                               discomfort, dislike

non-                       not                               nonsense, non-smoker

mis-                       wrong                          mismanage, mislead

mal-                       bad                              malfunction, maltreat

super-                    exceeding                    supernatural, superman

out-                        exceed                         outdo, outlive

sub-                       below                          substandard,subhuman

hyper-                    beyond                        hypertension, hyperactive

anti-                       against                         anti-social, antiviral



Form words with these prefixes: pro-, inter-, trans-, pre-, over-, under-


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