Word Processor

Word processing is the art of using computer to type and edit text and graphics in letters, reports, term papers etc.  To perform word processing you need a computer set and software called word processor.


Word processor enables you to create letter, term paper, newsletter, memo etc and stores those documents electronically on a disk or open the document for editing or printing.


Examples of Word Processor

1.       Word perfect

2.       Word star

3.       MS-Word

4.       Loco Script

5.       Ami-Pro

6.       Word Craft



Any word processor can perform the following operations;

1.       You can paste document images pictures etc as many times as possible

2.       Copy, duplication of an item

3.       Search and replace: you can easily search for word and replaced it with another word

4.       Printer can be used to print a hard copy of the document.


Word processing has so many advantages over  manual type writer as itemized below:

1.       The use of computer allows for a neat job

2.       Correction can be easily done without hassles

3.       It allows mail merging operation

4.       It gives to print as many copies as possible

5.       Text can be formatted to suit the user taste

6.       COPY AND PASTE: This feature let you copy data from any source to the clipboard and then paste them anywhere you want

7.       PRINT PRIEVIEW: You can easily view your work to know how it will appear when printed.


ASSESSMENT 1.       Give definition of word processing and of a word processor

2.       Give fives uses of word processing

Student are allowed to give corrections to the assessment given by the teacher ,while the teacher support s them in order to guide them


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