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A conjunction is a word that joins parts of a sentence together.

Examples: And, but, or, because, so.

Example sentences:

I want to come, but I can’t.

She is smart and beautiful.

Would you like a cat or a dog?

He didn’t pass the test because he didn’t understand the subject.

We were hungry, so we ordered pizza.

The word “conjunction” comes from the Latin word conjungere (join together)


An interjection is a short sound, word or phrase used to express the speaker’s emotion.

Examples: Oh! Look out! Ow! Hey! Wow! Ah! Um…

Example sentences:

Wow, that’s amazing!

Ah, that was a good meal.

Um … I’m not sure what to say.

Oh dear! What happened?

Hello! How are you doing?

Well, that’s an option too.

The word “interjection” comes from the Latin word interjicere (throw between).



Look at the word in bold. Indicate the part of speech they belong to

  1. I like ice-cream. Part of speech:
  2. Daniel is moving to Florida. Part of speech:
  3. The cat keeps fighting with the dog. Part of speech:
  4. Hey, this is mine! Part of speech:
  5. He bought a new hat and a new shirt. Part of speech:
  6. She handled it very smoothly. Part of speech:
  7. This is the most beautiful view I’ve ever seen. Part of speech:
  8. You should be able to fix it. Part of speech:
  9. Obviously , you will not be alone. Part of speech:
  10. Hi , it’s good to see you. Part of speech:
  11. Reading is important. Part of speech:
  12. This is for you. Part of speech:
  13. He is the best in the area. Part of speech:
  14. He probably hates himself now. Part of speech:
  15. He is good looking, but is he smart? Part of speech:
  16. 16. I am ready. Part of speech


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