JSS 3 Basic Science (1st, 2nd & 3rd Term) Basic Science


Desertification is the process by which a previously biologically productive land becomes progressively dried till it eventually becomes a desert. Or Desertification is the extension or encroachment of desert into habitable land.

The geographical zones near and around  the desert are highly prone to this environmental hazard.Man”s activities have contributed environmental degradation such as exposing the soil to intense ultraviolet radiation of the sun leading to excessive evaporation loosening of the soil texture which make the soil easily eroded by rain and winds.

The regions of Nigeria that prone to desertification are those regions that closer to the hot desert of shara are the Sahel savannah located at the North-East covering Maiduguri, Yola and other towns. Sudan savannah is on the Northern part at the boarder of Nigeria covering areas such as Sokoto, Kano,Kastina and Zamfara.

Causes of Desertification



-Bush burning

-Climate change

-Natural disaster


-Climate change

-Natural disaster


Effects of Desertification

-Farming becomes very difficult

-It may give room for flooding

-It brings about poor water quality

-It lead to over population of  other  area that is condulsive

-It causes poverty


Methods of Controlling Desertification

-Avoid deforestation

-Encourage afforestation

-Encourage bush fallowing and shift cultivation method

-Organize public enlightment to educate the public about the danger of desertification

-Mulching can be done to prevent shifting of sand

-Use of artificial bunds

-Improve drainage


1.Which of the following activities does not cause desertification?  A. indiscriminate cutting of trees  B.bush burning  C.road construction  D.swimming

2.Which of these statement about desertification is correct?

  1. desertification is the burning of bush B. desertification is the enrichment of desert into habitable land  C.desertification is the planting of new seedlings  D. desertification is the cutting down of trees.

3.Which of these activities is associated with livestock or animals?  A. erosion  B.bush burning  C.mining  D. overgrazing

4a.Name six geographical belts in Nigeria

b.Draw the map of Nigeria to show the desert geographical zones


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