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    Description-Atmosphere is the region of air above the earth surface. The principal layers of the atmosphere according to temperature of hotness are thermosphere, mesosphere, stratosphere and troposphere. The ozone layer is located in the stratosphere of the atmosphere where it forms a protective layer shielding life on earth from the sun’s harmful ultra-violet radiation. The stratosphere is about 19km to 48km above the earth surface.


    Causes of Reduction in Ozone Layer

    There are many gases in the atmosphere such as carbon(iv)oxide, water vapour, ozone and methane

    When these gases combine with chemical release from refrigerator compressor called  Chlorofluorocarbon(CFC) causes reduction in the ozone layer of the atmosphere.

    Importance of ozone layer

    -It brings about a cooling effect to the atmosphere and the earth surface

    -It absorbs high energy radiation from the sun such as ultra-violet radiation that cause sunburn to  the skin..

    Effects of the Depletion of Ozone Layer

    -It does damage to human health when the depletion exposes human body to ultra violet light which causes disease such as skin cancer, cataract ,sunburn and weakening of immune system and quick aging.

    -It causes retardation in plant growth and development.

    -It also poses threat to marine life

    -Depletion of ozone layer causes decrease in ozone layer in the stratosphere which makes more ozone to be present in lower atmosphere whose effect result to greenhouse gas. It leads to global warming which in turn lead to melting of polar ice leading to rising in sea level and climatic changes around the world.

    Control of ozone Depletion

    -Desisting from using pesticides

    -Reducing number of vehicles on the road

    -By utilizing environmentally friendly cleaning product

    -By prohibiting the use of nitrous

    -By reducing bush and household burning habits.



    1.Where is the ozone layer located in the atmosphere?  A. earth surface  B.stratosphere  C.mesophere  D. lithosphere

    2.Which of the following is not a consequence of the depletion of ozone layer?  A. global warming  B.greenhouse effect melting and flooding  D.formation of cloud

    3.Which of the following is greenhouse gas?  A Chlorine  B. Water vapour  C.  Oxygen  D. Sulphur

    4.Which of the following is not an importance of ozone layer?  A  It purifies the atmosphere of CO B.It releases heat to the earth surface  C.It absorbs high energy radiation from the sun  D.It absorbs water vapour from the earth crust.

    6.Which of the following is not a control measure against the depletion of the ozone layer?  A. controlling the use of chlorofluoro-carbons B.constant bush burning  C.regular servicing of automobiles  D.reducing the rate of bush burning

    7.The stratosphere is located about………. Above the earth surface   A.32km-40km   B.19km-48km   C.16km-18km  D.6km-12km

    8a.State the location of the ozone layer in the atmosphere

    b.State three importance of the ozone layer

    c.Write three effects or hazards caused the depletion of ozone layer on the environment.


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