Bush burning is the act of setting forest, weed and grasses on fire deliberately either with a purpose or not.

Practices That Influence Bush Burning

-Some poor agricultural practices such as shift cultivation

-Hunting for animals

-By using fire to clear land for agricultural purposes

-Construction of roads and felling of trees.

-Grazing purpose by Fulani herdsmen by setting grass ablaze.


Effect of Bush Burning

-It kills both animals and microorganisms within the enclosed area.

-It may lead to gradual loss of soil fertility

-The burnt ashes may give the soil a slight alkaline content

-It exposes the soil to both wind and rain erosion

-Some plant species destroyed may not regenerate again on the soil

-It leads to migration of endangered species of animals

-The balanced of ecosystem is disturbed

-It may lead to deforestation

-The nutrients in the soil may vapourize

-It contributes to ozone layer

-it pollutes the air.


Ways of Controlling or Preventing Bush Burning

-The public should enlightened about the consequences of bush burning

-Government should provide support that will enable poor farmers’ access modern tools and machinery for land clearing

-The government should also support the movement against bush burning

-Laws that prohibit bush burning should be made and enforced.

-Hunting for bush animal should be discouraged.

-Government should try to meet the need of the people.


Regulations Against Bush Burning

-Bush fire control officer issuing permit to burn should comply with the direction of the local government.

-Bush should not be burnt except when permitted by regulated authority.

-Permission to burn should not be given if local government authority objects.

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-Operations that can lead to bush fire should be avoided.

-Bush fire brigade and local government should keep register of bush fire and losses caused.

-Local government may prohibit burning on certain days.



1.All these are the causes of  erosion except A.  Overgrazing B. cutting down of trees C. Making ridges along the slope. Avoid the use of cover crop.

2.All these are methods of preventing erosion except  A.fertilizer application  Vegetation C. fabric  log  D. tilling

3.The top layer of soil could be washed away  as a result of A. volcanic action B. tree felling  C. grass planting. sand deposit.

4.Trees which help to reduce wind erosion are called  A. wind vane Wind erosion C. wind support D. wind breaks.

5.Which of the following is an agent of erosion?  A.tree  B. Grasses   Sun  D. wind

6.Soil erosion can be prevented by  A.felling tree  Preventing bush burning  Irrigation  Crop rotation

7a.State four activities of man which cause erosion

b.List four methods through which soil erosion can be controlled


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