JSS 3 Basic Science (1st, 2nd & 3rd Term) Basic Science

Drug Control Agencies

There are two notable drug controlling agencies which established prevent the influx of fake, adulterated and hard drugs. The two agencies are;

i) NAFDAC (National Agency for Food Drug Administration and Control)


-The agency make sure that adulterated foods are not sold to the public.

-It ensures that proper quality control of manufactured food is maintained in the industries.

-It makes sure that expired drugs and food are not sold to the public

-It ensures prosecution of offenders to the rules and regulation guiding the manufacturing and sale of processed food materials

-It provides enlightment  programmes for food and drug manufacturers .

-It monitors the use of herbal medicine.

ii) NDLEA (National Drug Law Enforcement Agency):

This is a government agency that is established to prevent the sales and free circulation of hard drug and usage by any individual.


-It controls movement of hard drugs in and out of the country

.-The agency punishes drug barons in accordance to the law

-It organizes orientation and  rehabilitation programmes for hard drug users

-It consificates hard drugs from their importers

-It prohibits the importation and exportation of hard drugs.


Herbal Medicine

This is an herbal preparation made from the root, leaves, bark of plant, seeds and flowers of some plants to cure  various illness especially in Africa and Asia.


List of some herbal medicine in Nigeria

Agbo iba, Herbal tooth paste, Oroki herbal mixture, Yoyo bitter,Dudu osun soap, Ijebu Ode mixture drink etc.

Mis-use of Herbal medicine

i) If the medicine is contaminated with toxic substances

ii) Preservatives are not added the storage of the herbal mixture is not garantted.

iii) The herbal products may adulterated

  1. There is no specific or appropriate recommended dosage make the user take more than required dosage.


1a.Mention two national drug control agencies

b.State two group of people that abuse drug easily

c.Where we obtain herbal medicine

2a.State two misuse of herbal medicine

bDescribe two adverse effects of drug

c.State two functions of (i) NAFDAC  (ii) NDLEA

d.Write the full meaning of the above agencies..


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