Skill acquisition is a special  ability impacted on somebody as a result of training  to do something well.


(1)     To get employment

(ii) To be self employed because they don’t want to be under anybody

(iii)     For decision making

Iv   For risk taking

V   For managing emergency situation

Vi  For learning how to live together

Vii For learning  about survival strategy


1    Photography :– Is     the technologies of    capturing an event , scene or a thing on a picture either in printed and view  on a card of projected  screen . A  picture is an image.

Ii    Farming skills  is skills  connected to growing of crops and rearing of animals . For instance keeping poultry, snailery . Fishery etc

Iii   Computer Literacy – It is of great need that everybody in this generation need basic skill in computer for  sending and finding information and for  keeping records.

Iv. INTERNET – it is a name given to network of computers which are linked through servers. The internet host servers form linked organization worldwide from which web pages could be reached linking users to various types of essential information and data.

  1. Internet browsing -: It is all about searching the internet for required information data . One get connected to the internet and employs a search engine such at a goggle and then types in the web site address such as  WWW. They search for reading or copy information or studying  from the  internet.

Vi. E –mail Operation. This is the   art of opening and operating a web site address for forwarding and receiving mails and other datas through the computer . One needs to open an e-mail operator such as yahoo mail,skannet et

This device enables one to post information in the form of  brief  notes to someone  else who  may be in another continent  through internet. An e-mail may be inform of Elias 2016 @ yahoo .com.

VII. Fax– stands for exact copy of writing, picture or print. The fax machine is a microcomputer application for capturing and forwarding exact copy of classified documents to designated places.


  1. It improves quality of life
  2. It provides various enjoyable games, leisure and entertainment.
  3. it provides services to other people
  4. it saves lives.
  5. it widens opportunities of attaining fame.
  6. it acquires functional literacy by all.


  1. Mention ten types of skills one can acquire.
  2. Mention five importance of skill acquisition.

3.State for reasons  for skill acquisition

4.All these are reasons for skill acquisition except  A. dependence on relation  B. survival strategy  C. to be an accept  D. to develop our ability

5.All these are the importance of skill acquisition except  A. create employment  B. improve quality of life  C. enslave an apprentice  D. make oneself –reliant.

6.Which of the following is not an example of skill acquisition   A. photography   B. painting  C. capentry                        D. teaching

7.Special ability acquired or develop through training is called  A. training  B. skills  C. apprentiship                               D. professionalism.

8.People acquire skill for  the skill for the following reason except  A. fame  B higher pay  C. self reliance  D. laziness


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