A drug is a chemical substance which affects the action of the body. Or a drug is defined as any substance that causes physical and mental changes in the body. If drugs are used under proper medical supervision they can serve the following purposes;

i—To save life   ii—To relieve suffering due pain iii-To combat disease ( fight against diseases)

Drug Abuse

This is defined as the usage of drug without regard to medical prescription. Or Drug abuse may also be defined as excessive and persistent use of for purposes is not intended.

Types of Drug

i-Licit drugs are drugs that produced, sold and used legally to treat diseases.   Examples; paracetamol, panadol, antibiotics, anti-malarial

ii-illicit drugs are drugs that are produced and sold  illegally. Such drugs used to alter the state of consciousness. Examples; Indian hemp, cocaine, heroin, valium and madras. These drugs are known hazard drugs.

Substance abuse is the abuse of all substances apart from drugs. Other substances which can be abuse includes sugar, soft drinks etc.

Drug addiction or Substance dependence is defined as a drug user’s compulsive need to use controlled substance in order to function normally. Drug addiction is a state of physical or psychological dependence o a drug.

Causes of Drug abuse

i- Curiosity is the desire of the youth to have a taste.

ii-Lack of self-confidence especially talking to opposite sex e.g. girlfriend, talking in public.

Influence from peer pressure may make some youth to become smokers and drunkards.

Iii-Excitement in order to feel good.

Iv-Frustration and stress.


Effects of Drug Abuse

i-It may lead emotional problem such  as anxiety, depression, mood swing, suicidal thoughts and schizophrenia(mental illness).

ii-It may lead learning problem.

iii-It may cause uncontrollable sexual urge.

iv-It can lead to health problem such as stomach upset, damaged nostrils and lungs and skin rashes.

v-It car accident.

Prevention of Drug Abuse

I-Inculcation of coping skills i.e. youth must have strong determination to stop the abuse of drug.

ii-By engaging in positive social interaction i.e. youth should do away with peer partners that can lure them into drug taking.

iii-By embracing healthy lifestyle through the following means

-youth should control their desire and appetites

-They should avoid smoking and excessive drinking of alcohol

-Youth should avoid self-medication when they are sick.


Strategies For a Healthy Drug –Free Life

-Seek counsel

-Stay engaged

-Educate yourself

-Setting achievable goals

-Spend time with the family and love ones

-Avoid temptation

-Exercise yourself in order to reduce stress.



  1. Which of the following is a hard drug? A. cocaine B. penicillin C.aspirin D.tetracycline
  2. Modes of drug abuse include the following except. A sniffing B. self-injecting . C oral.  D. doctor’s prescription.

3.The following substances are natural drugs except A. kolanut B. tobacco  C.Indian hemp  D.paracetamol.

4.Which of the following agencies monitors the movement of hard drugs in and out of the country?  A. Nigeria immigration service  B. federal road safty corps  C. NDLEA   D.Nigeria Airways.

5.Which of the following is not one of characteristics of healthy lifestyle?  A.Avoiding self-medication  B. Smoking and excessive drinking of alcohol  C.Eating good food always  D. Proper control of ones desire and appetite.

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