Farm manager is one who co-ordinates, organizes and controls the use of other factors of production to produce goods and services. In other words, the work of management is carried out by a farm manager. Decision and duties such as when to produce, what to produce, type of production, supervision of work, recruitment of workers, and determination of what and when to sell in order to make profit depends on (farm manager) management.



The functions of a farm manager can be grouped into five major headings:

  1. Organization
  2. Administration
  3. Production
  4. Marketing
  5. Evaluation



What is management?

List five functions of a farm Manager.


Organization function

This involves putting together all factors of production during productive activities. These functions includes securing suitable land for farming,  determining what to produce, determining the scale of production, procuring loan or capital for farming, recruiting or employing workers for the farm etc.


Administration function

This involves ensuring good and effective working of all factors of production. These duties includes supervision of the work on the farm, arrangement work roasters, directing workers on day-to-day activities,ensuring staff welfare, organizing training of man-power in the farm, etc.


Production function

It involves the right combination of the factors of production to ensure optimal yield. Part of the function includes purchasing and using of farm inputs, ensuring the health of animals and crops on the farm, making arrangement for general security of the farm, ensuring the adequate supply of feeds, adheres to modern farming techniques, etc.


Marketing function

This involves meeting sales target. To ensure this, the farmer determines the quantity of produce to sell and price at which to sell, determines the best marketing channel to use to make maximum profits, determines when to sell to make maximum profit, monitors marketing trends, arranges for storage and warehousing of unsold produce, etc.


Evaluation function

It involves ensuring that other functions have been done appropriately. To effectively do this, he keeps the general records of activities on the farm,  supervises accounts and bookkeeping of all operations on the farm, analyses farm operations with respect to targets and objectives, assesses the staffing conditions, develops new strategies for further improvement of farm operations, etc.



What is management?

List five functions of a farm Manager.



  1. Define management
  2. Briefly highlights the function of a Farm Manager based on
  3. Organization
  4. Administration
  5. Production
  6. Marketing
  7. Evaluation



  1. Management in a farm determines the following except A. when to produce A. what to produce B. type of production, C. supervises work D. granting of loans
  2. Procurement of loan or capital for farming activity is one of ____ functions of a farm manager A. Administration B. Production C. Organisation D. Marketing
  3. The supervision of accounts and bookkeeping of all operations on the farm is carried out by ____ A. Farm treasurer B. bookkeeper C. Farm managers D. Farm supervisor
  4. Which of the function of a farm manager entails caring for the health of animals/crops on the farm? A. Organisation B. Marketing C. Administration D. Production
  5. Management determines the ____ of the farm. A. Production B. Enlargement
  6. Profitability D. Progress



  1. What is management?
  2. Mention and briefly explain five major functions of a farm Manager.


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